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Everyone has their own idea of comfort when it comes to their environment, but when it comes to our bodies there is a consensus. Comfort is foremost the absence of feeling your own body. You may feel your clothing and your..


Slamming the door on the tax man might land you in deep trouble, but ignoring pain can become life threatening. Pain and discomfort is your body telling you that you have an unusual situation that needs attention. Stat! Even before..


What’s the most important physical characteristic for you to excel in your favorite sports? Strength, Endurance, Agility, Speed, Balance, Acceleration? Something else? Fact is whether you are a leisure runner, Bolshoi ballerinal.. 


By a wide margin. the most frequent question we receive is: "How long will it take before I will feel a difference?"  That's fair question and the answer is simple.  If the insoles are going to help you, you should notice a difference the instant you..
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