Arthritis Pain


How it feels

Arthritis is damage to the joints accompanied by swelling, deformation and pain.  It is the number one debilitating disease among Americans over 50 years of age.  It may start on one or more joints, cause morning stiffness, and aggravate with increased activity.  Typically, the pain eases off with rest.  It may cause a crackling sound in the joint, and joints may become unstable and lock up.

Rheumatoid arthritis often strikes younger people between the ages of 20 and 50 for no particular reason.  Although swelling of joints are common in all forms of arthritis, Rheumatoid arthritis tends to be more disfiguring in that the joints may become completely destroyed.  Rheumatoid arthritis often is accompanied by constant pain and fatigue.  Inflammation and elevated joint temperature often accompanies arthritis.   

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Osteoarthritis is often blamed on calcium deficiency, but it is more likely to be the result of years of poor posture and misaligned joints.  That is why it is often called the "wear-and-tear" disease.  Proper body alignment is critical for distributing the weight evenly across the joint.  With poor alignment, cartilage that protects the joint will deteriorate and fracture causing bone on bone contact.  Osteoarthritis can also be initiated by an injury or sports activity.

Other forms of arthritis like Rheumatoid arthritis are thought to be related to an immune deficiency.  The body attacks itself.  Fortunately it is far less common, but is often more debilitating.


Arthritis can affect any joint but is typically seen in joints that are subject to significant joint misalignment like the knees. 

How to eliminate the pain

One of the best ways to naturally reduce inflammation is to reduce sweets.  Sugar encourages inflammation.  Losing weight lightens the joint load.  A sore joint may be iced to feel better.  Moderate activity may be necessary.  Steroid injections are commonly offered as a pain reduction method along with other drugs to reduce inflammation and pain.  Even though there may be moderate to sever joint damage, aligning the body better can be very helpful in reducing or even completely eliminating arthritis pain.  The benefit of this approach for osteoarthritis is that you are starting to treat the root cause - the body misalignment that developed into joint damage.  






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If you hyperpronate, your arches drop from non-weight bearing (sitting with your feet on the ground) to weight bearing (standing).  When your arches drop, your ankles roll in and your heels lean in (evert) as illustrated in the picture.  Even a small amount of hyperpronation can cause significant posture distortion and joint misalignment.


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The Solution - Posture Control Insoles®

Posture Control Insoles® do something no other orthotics can do:  Posture Control Insoles® are the only foot orthotics that naturally reduce hyperpronation by using your own muscles. Instead of weakening your feet with arch supports, you build strength through natural motion.

Even if you feel like your ankles are weak or lean out (supinate), chances are that your feet hyperpronate once your heels lift off the ground.  Posture Control Insoles® will naturally restore your foot function and posture by giving your feet - and your brain - a true read of the ground so your muscles can keep your feet and body balanced.  That's why Posture Control Insoles® work for so many different pain symptoms including Arthritis pain.

The insoles are guaranteed to work for you.  Trim and wear them for 90 days.  If they do not relieve your symptoms to your satisfaction, you may return them for a full refund including shipping and handling charges.  You can also call us - We'll be glad to help you troubleshoot. 


"Normalize Your Feet"



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Getting Started

The ordering process is simple.  Two quick evaluations will tell you exactly what Posture Control Insoles® to buy. 

  • Check your shoe wear pattern

  • Check your foot mechanics

We'll show you exactly how.  Click to proceed with your "2 minute evaluation".

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