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Chronic Pain

Slamming the door on the tax man might land you in deep trouble, but ignoring pain can become life threatening. Pain and discomfort is your body telling you that you have an unusual situation that needs attention. Stat! Even before it becomes chronic!

ProKinetics® Insoles were designed to help you overcome the most frequently experienced musculoskeletal problems like foot, ankle, knee, hip, back and neck pain. If you think that’s a stretch for an insole, we fully understand. The average doctor, even podiatrists who should know first hand how the feet impact the whole body looks at us with disbelief when we suggest that your feet could be the reason you have severe and debilitating back pain. They even gave one of their peers, Dr. Dudley J. Morton the once over when he published several books over half a century ago on how the weight bearing of the feet significantly impacts posture and gait. He specifically called out the fact that the First Metatarsal Head, the base joint of the big toe or ball of the foot behind the big toe is not properly weight bearing and it causes the arch to collapse and the ankle to roll inward. Present day researchers have demonstrated the lacking weight bearing but keep recommending the wrong solutions.

We appreciate and understand that you want to trust your doctors, we do too, but how many steroid injections will it take? How many pair of custom orthotics discarded under your bed? How many pair of arch support insoles or cushions will it take before you start wondering if they really have taken the time to thoroughly investigate and understand your pain or if they are just jumping to a standard conclusion before you have finished your second sentence? We know for a fact that is a good question because that is what most of our callers tell us, and it goes like this: "Why didn't my doctor tell me I have Morton's Foot?"

How many people subject themselves to surgery that may be totally unnecessary and often leads to long term complications and disability. Failed back surgery is now so common there is a new medical syndrome called "Failed Back Surgery Syndrome". Surgery has created a new disease category! We speak with people frequently who bitterly regret their surgeries - yes plural, a second surgery to clean up the mess from the first. We don't want to take away from the fact that often surgery is a good or even the best solution, but we implore you to spend some time learning about your situation before you decide if you have the luxury of time.

The saddest fact about chronic pain are the many patients who are essentially abandoned, told nothing can be done and recommended to take drugs to alleviate the pain. The fact that a rapidly increasing number of people are succumbing to prescription drug abuse and often street drugs after their prescriptions run out or become unaffordable is a travesty in itself, but especially when considering that putting up with aching muscles and joints, stinging ligaments and inflamed tendons is often avoidable. We're not here to speculate or judge. We're here to help you find an alternate path to healing your pain and give you hope you can live a normal pain free life.

We don't just want you to put a pair of our insoles in your cart and check out unless you have a reasonable expectation that the ProKinetics® Insoles should help you. That takes a little effort on your part to learn about your pain and it's plausible root cause. One of those things is to do the self assessment to see if your feet have the deficiency our insoles are intended to improve. We want you to be aware that our insoles are not a fix all solution, that they work better under some conditions compared to others, and that they in some cases may not work at all or have a better chance of working if combined with therapeutic work. We truly desire for you to understand your alternatives and if you find it is worth your while, to give ProKinetics a risk free try.

The kind of pain ProKinetics® Insoles can help you relieve is muscle or joint related like improper joint alignment, stressed ligaments, tight tendons and overused muscles. We hope to gain your attention before you make the decision to have surgery or even steroid injections because our insoles are often a viable alternative, even to back pain. Wouldn't you rather wear insoles in your shoes to improve your body mechanics and posture and maybe do exercise therapy to regain your functionality and strength rather than surgery or pain killers?

The list of chronic pain problems is a mile long, but the pain typically stems from just two causes. Joint misalignment and muscle overuse. If you put on your engineering cap it is as easy to understand as the leaning tower of Pisa. You are in a constant battle with gravity. If your posture leans forward, gravity gets a better pull on you and your muscles are going to work harder to keep you upright. ProKinetics® Insoles only do two things. They help align your joints and they help relax your muscles by giving you a more upright posture.

Unlike the orthotics you purchased for hundreds of dollars, ProKinetics® Insoles come with a 90 day full money back guarantee.  If after studying our information you believe our insoles would be worth a try, your risk is limited to mailing the insoles back to us in the event they are unsuccessful in alleviating your pain. If you think your situation is a little different than our common descriptions or you are unsure if you should try them, please call us. We’ll be happy to answer all your questions and give you the guidance you want. We also have an extensive Frequently Asked Questions section.