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Everyone has their own idea of comfort when it comes to their environment, but when it comes to our bodies there is a consensus. Comfort is foremost the absence of feeling your own body. You may feel your clothing and your shoes or a drop of sweat running down your neck, but it's not considered normal to feel your bones and ligaments, muscles and tendons. Feeling our body is what we say when we feel old, frail and tired, and who wants that?

There are exceptions of course. After a good workout, you might feel your muscles burn, and especially if you are building your strength and endurance levels, you might feel your body screaming at you the next day saying what the heck did you do yesterday? Under the circumstance, that bruised muscle pain is normal and often welcome and it might even create a sense of comfort and satisfaction. It is, however not normal to feel exhausted at the end of an average workday unless you just packed several days of work into it.

Nothing puts you on a steeper and longer downhill slope than chronic pain. Depression ruins more lives than anything else. What most people don't know is that it is often avoidable, and can be cured without the aid of needles, knives and addictive drugs. The number of people ending up with permanent complications after surgery is significant.  Opiate addiction following a few rounds of prescription pain killers is steadily increasing to the point that it has become nationally acknowledged as a major health problem and cause of death. While drugs may numb the pain, being on drugs is in no way synonymous with comfort.

You may have heard it before. "When your feet hurt, you hurt all over”. It's an old saying that for logical reasons, explained elsewhere on our site  is true, so while customers appreciate ProKinetics® Insoles for alleviating various foot pain, many start wearing them to get rid of body pain like knee, hip and back pain. Over the years we have referred thousands of callers to their nearest specialists ranging from neuromuscular, trigger point and physical therapists to chiropractors and chronic pain specialists, even dentists to find help with their unique situation. Healing starts with someone able and willing to listen and follow your lead to the root cause of the problem. That is unfortunately a unique find within the overworked traditional six patients an hour medical care machine, but there are literally thousands of "alternative care" practitioners that will gladly spend 30 minutes and often longer to delve into your personal situation. Many of these providers are students of a huge body of knowledge about chronic pain that is unfamiliar to your average doctor which gives us hope that you too can overcome even a seemingly hopeless situation.

Checking if your foot mechanics could be the root cause of your discomfort is quick and simple.