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  1. Save $300-$400 compared to custom orthotics.  Even if your insurance covers custom orthotics,  Posture Control Insoles® will cost you less than your co-pay.
  2. There is a 99% chance Posture Control Insoles® will satisfy your needs.
  3. Posture Control Insoles® are in fact guaranteed to work for you.  If they don't, collect a full refund including standard shipping and handling charges.
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While you may pay up to $800 or more for custom orthotics, a 2004 study by the American Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Society (AOFAS) found “no statistically significant difference between prefabricated inserts and custom orthotics” in preventing the incidence of stress fractures, ankle sprains and foot problems.

In a recent New York Times article (June 22, 2006) entitled Do You Really Need an $800 Custom Insole, Patricia Cliff, 62, of New York said, "I've gone to foot doctors who charged me for these enormously expensive orthotics that may have $10 of material," Ms. Cliff said. "They're very hard, and they pained the arches of my feet."

Dateline Jan 17, 2011. New York Times on Custom Orthotics

The NY Times interviews Dr. Benno Nigg of the Human Performance Laboratory, University of Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  Dr. Nigg concludes that the
idea that custom arch support orthotics are supposed to correct mechanical-alignment problems does not hold up.

Dr Nigg, et al., in a recent paper, proposed that
proprioceptive enhancement may actually be the most important criteria in defining the success of orthotics.  That would mean optimized proprioceptive signals from the feet to the brain that are not filtered by improper foot wear, excessive cushioning or immobilizing orthotics.

Posture Control Insoles® are different because they do not filter the force signals from the feet, but instead restore the proper proprioceptive cycle between the ground, your feet and your brain.  The result is changes in muscle stimulation and mechanical alignment.   




Posture Control Insoles®

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Take the time to read this fascinating NY Times article headlined: Close Look at Orthotics Raises a Welter of Doubts

Click here to access the article on the NY Times web site. 



Do Custom Orthotics work?

Chances are you'll get a 50/50 response to your question.  It is difficult to imagine the public and insurance companies spending over $2 billion every year on orthotics unless there were some perceived benefits.  You will however get different answers from people who have been in custom orthotics for just a few months versus those who have used them for longer than 6-12 months.  Most studies who site the benefits of custom orthotics end sooner than the functional guarantee offered with every pair of Posture Control Insoles®.  

The trouble with custom orthotics which are generally arch support orthotics is that they do not effectively correct for hyperpronation during the full gait cycle.  While they work very well while standing, they loose function the instant your heels lift of the ground  - some 8-10,000 times per day, and this is when you need correction through the forefoot - the part that is always on the ground when you are weight bearing.  After 3-6 months the knee pain returns, and so does the heel and back pain.  Often other factors are blamed, and many patients go on to steroid injections or surgery, or they figure that since the custom orthotics worked somewhat, maybe a better pair will do the job.  There is always someone who stands ready to make you another $600 pair of custom orthotics even if they look almost identical to the pair you already have.   

We propose you try Posture Control Insoles® instead.  They provide correction in the forefoot where it is needed.  They are inexpensive and they are guaranteed to work for you. 


In the US, Plantar Fasciitis is a billion dollar industry.  Annually 2 million people are treated for this condition alone.

"Published randomized trials of orthoses for plantar fasciitis suffer from a number of methodological weaknesses. To our knowledge, none compared the effects of orthoses with a no-treatment or sham group, and none assessed long term outcomes (the longest follow-up was 3 months)."
Department of Podiatry, School of Human Biosciences. Latrobe University, Australia.
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Are Custom Orthotics really CUSTOM?

If making your custom orthotics starts with you standing in a foam casting box, consider the fact that you are simply providing an imprint of your collapsed feet. How can functional orthotics be created from a mirrored match of your collapsed feet? Are you just getting very expensive drugstore foot beds? Are the imprints used only to size the orthotics?

Recently, more flashy computerized techniques have been introduced. With these systems, you stand or walk across a scanner or pressure sensitive platform that produces impressive color pressure imprints and curves that can even be played back in slow motion. The graphs show the maximum pressures at heel strike, the timing of your heel lift, pressure distribution at mid-stance etc. They are presented to you like definitive x-ray findings. Some companies even give you a colorized photocopy of your feet and they get away with it!

It doesn't really matter how your custom orthotics are made because top podiatrists have established through testing that custom orthotics are no more effective than over the counter arch supports.


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ProKinetics® Posture Control Insoles®

Mark Peterson of Hawley, Minnesota, wore custom orthotics for years before discovering Posture Control Insoles® after his lower back, shoulder and neck pain had increased to the point where he had difficulty sleeping at night.  “After wearing the Posture Control Insoles® for only two weeks, my lower back pain was almost completely gone and my shoulder pain dissipated considerably!” said Peterson. 

Dr. Bernard Filner, MD, formerly Associate Professor of Anesthesiology at George Washington University Medical Center and now in private pain management practice in Rockville, Maryland, said he has seen similar results with his patients when he prescribes Posture Control Insoles®.  Posture Control Insoles® allow the body’s over-stressed posture muscles to relax, something custom orthotics seem ineffective in doing.

Filner and other health care providers have discovered that custom orthotics lack the patented technology Posture Control Insoles® use to trigger your body’s ability to heal itself.

“More than half of my patients had already used custom orthotics when they first came to me,” said Dr. Filner.  “They could not get them to fit properly or they wore them and realized they were not effective.  When we get them into Posture Control Insoles®, and all of a sudden they feel better, their posture is better and their pain subsides.” 







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Guarantee Beyond Quality

People order all sorts of insoles and orthotics ranging from liquid filled to adjustable arch supports.  The altered sensation feels intriguing, but after a few days, they are often relegated to the closet.  Posture Control Insoles® are guaranteed to be different. You should expect real meaningful results.  We want to satisfy your real expectations whether it is reducing pain, improving posture or enhancing athletic performance.   That is the expectation we back with our 100% satisfaction guarantee. We know that your posture may take a few weeks to adjust to your new foundation, and that pain does not resolve instantly and may need the aid of therapy.  Even though we expect you to feel the difference in less than a week, we want you to have three months (90 days) to make sure you like them.  If you are not fully satisfied with your purchase, return the used insoles for a full refund - including shipping and handling. 

All you can loose is your pain and discomfort and aggravation.  If you are an athlete, you will be amazed at your increase in power, agility and endurance.  We dare you to try them!..  They're not only for pain reduction. 


Full purchase amount including shipping and handling. 




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Getting Started

The ordering process is simple.  Two quick evaluations will tell you exactly what Posture Control Insoles® to buy. 

  • Check your shoe wear pattern

  • Check your foot mechanics

We'll show you exactly how.  Click to proceed with your "2 minute evaluation".

Would you rather just test them in your shoes?  You'll have what you need with the Perfect Fit™ package giving you both the 3.5 mm and the 6.0 mm pair - the second pair at a 40% discount. 

Relief in just a few days: Start by choosing Gender and Size.

*Choose#1 (low) Arch for flat feet and mild Plantar Fasciitis.  Choose #2 (high) Arch for severe Plantar Fasciitis. Otherwise choose NO arch support.

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