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ProKinetics Experience

By a wide margin. the most frequent question we receive is: "How long will it take before I will feel a difference?"  That's fair question and the answer is simple.  If the insoles are going to help you, you should notice a difference the instant you put your feet in your shoes and stand up.  Your individual experience will depend on how you are responding to your structural overpronation without our insoles.  Some people follow their structure and just roll inward (overpronate), while the majority, around 60% try to roll out (supinate).  You can learn more about that on our self assessment page.  So, depending on where you come from, we expect you to have either of these two experiences. 

If you follow your structure (Releaser), what you will likely notice is a little more pressure under the ball of your feet behind your big toes.  You might feel less tension in your knees.  Your hips should be less forward rotated so your belly and but should protrude a little less.  It might feel like you have a little more upright posture.  As you start walking with the insoles you may notice that your feet will be pointing more in the forward direction than they used to. 

If you are fighting your structure (Bracer),  which is what supinators do, you might not feel that much of a difference in the pressure under the ball of your foot behind  the big toes because you are accustomed to tolling to the outside of your feet.  If you deliberately focus on relaxing your calf muscles, you will feel it.  Because people who try to supinate their feet generally tend to have a better posture, you may not start feeling a significant difference until you are well into breaking in your insoles. At that time you should start feeling your calf muscles relax  and your weight more evenly distributed across the balls of your feet. You will feel more stable.  

We recommend you follow our instructions, breaking in the insoles.  The insoles should feel comfortable from the get go, but depending on your flexibility and physical condition, your muscles will adjust to your new mechanics quicker and more easily if you already have good range of motion and are not musclebound.  Usually 3-5 days of break in is sufficient after which you need to wear the insoles at lest 70% of the time for best results. 

What should you expect regarding your pain.  ProKinetics insoles are purchased to alleviate a huge number of different pains from hammer toes to TMJ pain and everywhere in between so every experience is different, but the factor that most likely will determine the speed of your recovery is how fast your muscles respond. Your postural alignment and mechanics is driven by your muscles and your activities.  Clearly, if you have Plantar Fasciitis and you go running the minute you put our insoles in, you're most likely going to be disappointed.  It's akin to keeping walking with a broken leg.  If you give whatever broken part you have a bit of rest to recover, but enough activity for your muscles to start adapting, you will experience the fastest recovery.  If you follow this process, and you have not experienced any improvement after wearing our insoles full time for a week to ten days, you should call us because either the insoles are not going to work for you, or you are doing something like for example wearing improper shoes that is causing the insoles not to work.  It can be as simple as your shoes being too wide, so your first metatarsal and big toe slides off the correcting wedge. 

Just as a deteriorating posture does not instantly cause pain, an improving posture does not instantly cause pain relief, but you should expect to feel signs of improvement during your first two to three weeks. 

Joint pain relief delivers in a similar way, but because even a small shift in posture and body mechanics can dramatically change the joint pressure points and travel, you could have the proverbial Eureka moment and experience instant pain relief, but don't count on it.  Time is usually an important healing factor which is why we support your ProKinetics with a 90 day functional guarantee. 

It's not uncommon to feel slight muscle aches in your feet during the first few days and a little tiredness in your calves, but it should dissipate quickly.  If you experience significant worsening of your pain or significant new pain, don't try to brave it!  Remove the insoles and contact us. 

If you're a runner, lifting weight or participate in virtually any sport, we expect you to feel more balanced, agile and quicker.  Properly aligning your feet and legs enables your neuromuscular system which gives you more poser and endurance as well. YOu already know that when the body is out of alignment, the injury potential goes up, and conversely, better alignment will help protect you so you can enjoy your sport longer.

When it comes to shoes, we know you'll love the simplicity and small dimensions of the Kinetic Technology (the forefoot wedge) because you can continue to use the shoes you have.  There is one caviat, and it is that ProKinetics Insoles do not go well with motion control or anti-pronation shoes, and we don't want you to put them in worn out shoes either, so if your shoes are worn crooked, throw them away.  If like us you take long view on your health, investing in good shoes is just smart.  And... you don't have to purchase very expensive shoes unless you are a slave to fashion.  A regular pair of neutral (nothing funny inside) shoes is with ProKinetics Insoles inside is the ticket.  (picture of converse)