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The Sciatic nerve exits the spine right above the tail bone and travels down the back of the leg.  Sciatica pain can be confused with low-back pain.  Sciatica pain is often felt in the low back and buttock and often radiates down  the leg.  The discomfort from Sciatica can be a general painful ache, tingling and numbness and even loss of muscle control in the leg.   Sciatic pain and numbness may be felt all the way to the toes.  

Common Causes   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •

Sciatica pain may be due to the Sciatic nerve being pinched or irritated.  It can be pinched at the location where the nerve exits the spine, but the Sciatic nerve may also be entrapped by muscle tissues.  This is usually associated with the Piriformus muscle and is called Piriformus Syndrome.  This latter source of Sciatica pain is often caused by trigger points - local, hard muscle contractions that pinch the nerve.

Sciatica can cause pain from the back to the feet

How to eliminate the pain

>Relatively few people diagnosed with Sciatica pain have disc problems.  Many doctors will prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs for Sciatica, but if the pain is posture related, these drugs will provide no relief.  If there is no evidence of disc damage, a posture correction may be sufficient to alleviate the pressure exerted on the Sciatic nerve.  A posterior rotation and leveling of the pelvis  will align the spine better, often removing the pressure on the Sciatic nerve root.  Eliminating trigger points in the Piriformis muscle through therapy and exercise is very effective for Sciatic nerve entrapment by the Piriformis muscle. Although bed rest used to be prescribed, it is not very effective.

Trigger points in the Piriformis muscle can often be caused by and perpetuated by hyperpronated feet.