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Tender - Tired Calf Muscles

This discomfort spans the gamut from just feeling tired to painful cramps.  The muscles may feel stiff and weak, and the discomfort may worsen during the course of the day. Don't stretch your legs in bed - your calfs will lock up in a furious painful cramp.

Common Causes   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •

Most often, the reason for your discomfort is that your muscles are always tight.  Over 80% of the population hyperpronate. We estimate that over 60% of hyperpronators are to various degrees trying to undo the discomfort of hyperpronation by muscularly bracing against it.  If you are in this group, you are trying to balance your feet by shifting weight to the outside of your feet using muscles in your legs.  At the end of the day, they become tired just like any other muscle would if used all day.  If your posture is bad, you use extra muscle power to stabilize your body.

People who hyperpronate and have a forward leaning posture usually keep their Tibialis Anterior and Gastroc muscles busy all the time.

How to eliminate the pain

Improving posture is the most significant factor in reducing discomfort from tired, sore calf muscles.  Restoring an upright posture (not forward leaning) will allow your postural muscles to relax more when standing and walking.  Poor posture causes most people to lean forward so a number of your muscles tense up to prevent a fall.   Reducing hyperpronation causes a posterior (to the back) postural shift so your center of mass is more balanced over your feet which helps distribute your weight more evenly between the fore- and rear foot.  Posture Control Insoles® stimulate the correct muscles to stabilize your feet - the muscles that were intended to do so.