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Upper Back Pain

Pain in the thoracic (mid and upper) back if combined with heart palpitations, breathing difficulties, or other symptoms could be indications of illness that need immediate medical attention. Upper back pain not associated with other symptoms can be disc or spine issues, but is most likely muscle irritation from overuse or poor posture.  If applying heat helps, it is most likely  tight or cramping muscles.     

Common Causes   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •

Upper back pain can often be spillover from shoulder or neck tension, and is often posture related.  A head forward posture puts incredible strain on your neck and upper back muscles. For every inch your head is forward of your spine (ears forward of your shoulders) your head effectively doubles in weight.  A 2-3 inch forward shift of the head is quite common, requiring the neck and upper back muscles to support a 36 lb head! 

A head forward posture causes neck and upper back pain

How to eliminate the pain

Improving posture is the key to eliminating upper back pain. Being constantly aware of your posture and correcting it is very helpful - but hard to remember.  As you will learn on this website, poor posture starts with a poor postural foundation - your feet.  The good news is that correcting your foot foundation automatically corrects your posture.  Correcting for hyperpronation will correct your foot foundation.