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posture rotation It's a No Brainer - Use it or Loose it!

Use all your foot and posture muscles correctly or expect to live with foot and body pain.
20 years ago, Posture Dynamics introduced the world's first ProKinetics® Natural Body Balance™ Insoles that automatically stimulate your muscles to correct your foot and body mechanics with every step.
If you're looking for enduring pain relief from foot, ankle, knee, hip and back pain, this is a proven self help solution with a 20 year 95% success rate.

Simple Guarantee

Trim your new ProKinetics Insoles to fit properly in your shoes. Follow our instructions and observe. If you are not completely satisfied, send them back for a full refund.

They're on their feet and carry a lot of heavy gear. It's a tough job, so we asked our local fire department to try ProKinetics® Insoles.

You'll be pleasantly surprised to discover how quickly your feet and body will respond to the ProKinetics® Insoles.

ProKinetics Replacement Insoles $61.95

If you live in sneakers and boots, this All-In-One Kit contains everything you need for a customised fit and effective correction of your foot and body mechanics. Surprise yourself with increased athletic ability.

ProKinetics UltraThin Insoles $53.95 - $85.00

If your daily routine includes wearing dress shoes or heels, the UltraThin Insoles protect your body mechanics and posture all day long. Conferences and tradeshows are a breeze when your feet and back are happy.

Solemate "Stick-On" MicroLifts

The world's smallest fuctional orthotics work like our full length insoles but attach them directly to your feet, flip-flops or sandals. For the skeptics this is a great way to prove the ProKinetics concept to yourself. Try the 3-pair pack!

The ProKinetics EXPERIENCE

Try it for $5.00

You will be pleasantly surprised to discover how quickly your feet and body will respond to improved foot mechanics.
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