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Bryan Hoddle Story

Nothing is more convincing...

..than personal experience. Let me start by sharing mine.

"Five years ago I had just started coaching a new athlete. She was bugging me about seeing her physical therapist who had fitted her with a special insole that she thought might help for my knee pain. I had not been running for several years because of knee pain, and now my knees were hurting all the time regardless of what I did. To make a short story even shorter, she arranged for us to visit Posture Dynamics who created the ProKinetics insoles. I got my insoles on a Wednesday afternoon. By Thursday morning I was in complete disbelief. I had seen several doctors and therapists, and here, a pair of simple insoles had made me pain free in less than 12 hours. I am back running several miles every day, and my knees have now been pain free for five years. Needless to say, I am impressed.

I quickly understood that while the insoles look simple, the technology is very sophisticated since they are based on neuromuscular feedback rather than support as all the previous orthotics and insoles I had tried did. That made me think about my athletes and the thousands of coaches I educate through our seminars. Twice now, I have invited the president of Posture Dynamics to teach the coaches at the Northwest All Sports Clinic how to assess the feet, posture and body mechanics to help their athletes to better performance and injury free sports.

I have fully incorporated education on foot mechanics and how it relates to posture and body mechanics in my lectures. Proper alignment makes all the difference in the world when it comes to athletic performance from agility to strength and endurance, and injury prevention.

The ProKinetics performance guarantee is unbeatable, so I always recommend my friends and clients visit mortonsfoot.com, do the self assessment and get a pair. If you’re not sure what to get, call them for assistance. You'll get someone who will listen to understand your situation before making a recommendation."

Bryan Hoddle
Head Coach
2004 USA Paralympic Track & Field Team Athens Evaluate Yourself