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Posted on 5/31/2020 to GLoves off

The final statistics are not yet available, but so far, over 45 million jobs lost, and we are being prepared for half of them not returning because of bankruptcies and the post COVID “New Normal”. Yes, here we go again. COVID-19-2 New Normal. “Never let a crisis go to waste” is usually considered a sly divisive tactic to pit groups against each other, but let us not waste this one. This crisis is real.  The worst that can happen... 

You can wear those Converse All Stars for as long as you want

Posted on 4/21/2020 to GLoves off
You can wear those Converse All Stars for as long as you wantWhenever we participate in tradeshows, we make the point of wearing Converse High Tops – our show shoes are black with flames!  Why would we stand on concrete flooring in canvas shoes that offer no support for 8 hours three days in a row? To prove a point!

The inconvenient truth about running

Posted on 3/16/2020 to GLoves off
The inconvenient truth about running

If guns caused as many injuries in America as running for cardiovascular exercise does, there would be outrage. But instead of outrage over running injuries, the world of athletics, shoe companies and the medical profession endorses and recommends it as an effective and safe form of exercise.  That is outrageous!

Shoes Known to Injure - Are you at risk?

Posted on 10/18/2019 to Footwear Technology
Shoes Known to Injure  - Are you at risk?Some people should never even try these shoes on.  They can cause severe injury and start a cycle of repetitive problems.  Worse yet, some of these shoes disguise themselves as exercise, strengthening and weight loss shoes.  Read below to discover if you are predisposed to being injured by these shoes so you can avoid them.  It's real, it hurts and it's expensive.  

Arch Supports - A Billion Dollar Industry Built on a Myth

Posted on 10/13/2019 to Articles of Interest
Arch Supports - A Billion Dollar Industry Built on a MythPodiatrists prescribe millions of pair of arch support orthotics and insoles every year to correct "Fallen Arches" and over-pronation, but where is the evidence to support this practice?  If you dig deeper you'll discover the myth that built a billion dollar industry.  You'll learn why you should think twice before blocking the motion of your feet with arch supports.  

Morton’s Neuroma – The nerve podiatrists try to cut, poison, cook or freeze to death

Posted on 10/4/2019 to GLoves off
Morton’s Neuroma – The nerve podiatrists try to cut, poison, cook or freeze to deathIf you suffer from Morton's neuroma, our best advice is to understand the root cause so you can make a better decision about treatment.  Podiatrists are quick to bring out the syringes and scalpels as well as offer various methods of ablating the nerve using alcohol (poison), cryogenics (freeze) or radio frequency (cook) the nerve to death.  Aside from numb toes, the pain may not be gone as nerve tissue, like any other tissue in the body tries to regenerate and repair itself.  Phantom nerve pain is still pain.  The root cause of your neuroma pain is the mechanics of your feet, so perhaps the answer is to improve it.

Told you have "fallen arches" - Get the real scoop

Posted on 9/19/2019 to GLoves off
Told you have Don't believe it when podiatrists and footwear experts tell you that you have "fallen arches". It is an old myth that needs to be challenged because in most cases it is simply not true. They are blaming your feet for our flat environment and shoes.