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Perfect Fit™

The Perfect Fit™ package contains two pair ProKinetics® Ultra Thin Insoles. One pair 3.5 mm correction and one pair 6.0 mm correction. This is a special discounted package for people who need to start slow and graduate to a higher level of correction as their muscles adjust.
The Perfect Fit™ includes an exchange program:  The used 3.5 mm pair may be exchanged for a pair of 6.0 mm insoles at an additional cost of $20.00 within 90 days.  If it turns out that 3.5 mm correction is sufficient, the 6.0 mm pair may be exchanged for another 3.5 mm pair at an additional cost of $20.00 within 90 days of the original purchase.  Just return the pair you need to exchange.  We will contact you to process the exchange charge.  

Who should get the Perfect Fit™?

60% of people who structurally over pronate subconsciously try to compensate for it by muscularly trying to shift weight to the outside of their feet - supinate. If the wear pattern on your shoe soles shows you are trying to walk on the outside of your feet, you belong to this group. If the knee bend test shows that you structurally pronate so much you need 6.0 mm correction, you save money by purchasing the Perfect Fit™.
If the self assessment shows that you will do best using 6.0 mm insoles but you frequently must use shoes that can only accommodate the 3.5 mm insoles because the toe box is tighter, the Perfect Fit™ is a good choice.
If you have had long standing musculoskeletal problems, it is always a good idea to start conservatively, so the Perfect Fit™ is a good choice.
The Perfect Fit™ can be purchased with #1 or #2 firm arch support. The Women's #1 arch is 6 mm tall at its apex (approximately 1/4 in), and the Women's #2 arch is 10 mm (slightly over 3/8 in). The Men's #1 arch is 7 mm tall at its apex (slightly over 1/4 in), and the Men's #2 arch is 11 mm (slightly over 3/8 in). We do recommend arch supports only for people who have flexible flat feet (arch sitting, no arch standing) or temporarily for people who suffers from Plantar Fasciitis (first step heel pain), but if you have worn arch supports for a long time, you might find a small amount (#1) helpful during a 2-3 week transition.
If you have questions, call us at 888-790-4100 M-F, 8-5 Pacific time.
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