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Solemate Sample Pack
Solemate Sample Pack

Solemate Sample Pack

Part Number:SM-003-S
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SoleMate Sample Pack containing 3 pair of stock-on first metatarsal pads.  the Sample pack is our regular 3 pack of SoleMate MicroLifts but limited to one purchase per customer, enter SAMPLE in the coupon field to reduce the price to $5.00 including shipping.  S0, if you're curious or even skeptical about the ProKinetics Technology ability to eliminate foot pains like intermittent Plantar Fasciitis, Morton's Neuroma, Metatarsalgia, Hammer-toes, Calluses as well as pains ranging from Ankle and Knee pain to Hip Back and Neck pain, invest $5 to test the concept on your self.  You don't think twice about spending 4 or 5 bucks on a cup of coffee.  You will be amazed how much more you will enjoy this.  Stick them directly on the feet, or on insoles or shoes.  Cal us if you have questions. 

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