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Solve Pain, Develop Trust & Boost Your Relationships

Solve Pain, Develop Trust & Boost Your Relationships
Floor Massage Solve Pain, Develop Trust & Boost Your Relationships... Without Breaking Your Back or Hands!

Hello, Everyone!

Couples who give each other back rubs or foot rubs are reported to have up to FOUR TIMES the intimacy, trust, closeness, and relationship longevity compared to relationships without this wonderful exchange! The same is likely true for all our loved ones, children, friends, and other relatives...

So why isn't everyone giving their loved ones a massages everyday?

Number 1 Reason: It's exhausting

It's hard to argue with the excuse that massage can be a tiring exertion. From hands cramping and fingers aching to back strains from bending over to downright pain in our wrists and other joints... Even professional bodyworkers, with all their training and professional equipment, can get worn out performing a good massage.

Number 2 Reason: Time

With the schedule of activities that the average modern human keeps every day, there is very little time for anything else. On top of being tired physically, we often just need a break from concentrating on anything to just watch some TV or listen to some music for a while. We simply don't have the energy or focus to take care of other's needs.

Is There a Solution? Can we reap the benefits of exchanging this wonderful restorative relationship building bodywork without taking up more time and energy that we don't have to spare?

The answer lies in your feet ... more specifically, stepping on your loved ones!

Similar to Thai massage, standing over your loved one lying comfortably on a mat or cushions on the floor provides the leverage to perform an awesome feeling and very effective massage with minimal effort, light concentration, and a short amount of time!

With one foot planted on the floor and the other literally stepping on your loved one, you can give a tremendous gift of health and pleasure while watching a movie, listening to music, talking about your day, etc. In just 10 to 20 minutes, you can change someone's entire day. And because you're using body weight instead of your muscles, feet instead of your hands, you can have enough energy to give a floor massage to each member of your family without getting tired.

Many couples and families who realize the benefit of this simple technique below make it a daily practice after dinner or around bedtime. Try it and see for yourself what a quality of life enhancement it can make!

*The information in this article is not intended to diagnose or treat any medical condition and does not substitute for a thorough evaluation by a medical professional. Please consult your physician to determine whether these self-care tips are appropriate for you.

Great & Simple Floor Massage for Loved Ones:

The following videos show just how easy it is to give one of the best gifts possible to the people you care about.

1. NOTE ON POSITIONING: Sometimes a cushy carpet can almost be enough, but usually it's best to use some pillows, couch cushions, mattress or even a memory foam mat if you have one. Keep it simple but comfortable.

The especially important areas to place a cushion/pillow are:

-Under the knees, head and neck when your loved one is lying face up -Under the ankles, chest and forehead when your loved one is lying face down.

NOTE ON 2 FEET TECHNIQUES: While many floor techniques show standing with BOTH feet on the receiver, we DO NOT recommend this much weight be used without proper training. Instead, please PLEASE ONLY USE ONE FOOT ON THE BODY AND ONE FOOT ON THE FLOOR.

Let's Take a Look at Some Videos on How to Give a Floor Massage:

NOTE: Remember to only use one foot on the body and one foot on the floor, even though some parts of the videos show otherwise.

Video 1: This is a short video to give you some ideas on how easy it is to cover a lot of good areas in just a few minutes:

Video 2: This is a longer video showing a complete body massage with the feet, including legs, arms, hands, etc. Again, only use the ONE FOOT techniques:

Video 3: This quick video shows a need way to massage the back with your heels while stretching your loved one. There are lots of creative ways to make this treat even more wonderful.

Incorporating this treat into your daily activities is an amazing upgrade to your quality of life!

We hope you try it out and experience the benefits!

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