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Why you can trust we'll help with your feet and musculoskeletal health

Since founded in 1998, GRD BioTech, Inc. doing business as Posture Dynamics, has focused on helping people everywhere live more active, healthier, happier, pain free lives. 

Our founding was based on a discovery by a podiatrist who came to the realization that too many of his patients who had traditional bunion surgeries developed bunions again a few years later. He believed that his profession was missing something important. Researching the published literature on feet, foot mechanics, posture, body mechanics and the development of the fetus in the womb, he concluded that a large number of the population were born with a deficient angular relationship between the body and the head of the Talus (ankle bone) that was incompatible with modern living, always walking on flat surfaces. He came to believe this combination was primarily responsible for millions of people suffering from chronic pain. Testing his theory for several years in his practice, he began publishing his work in the early to mid 1990s, but like Dr. Morton before him, after whom Morton's Foot Syndrome was named, his work was generally ignored by his peers and rejected by many.

Since our inception, the challenge has been to persuade people they do not need and, in most cases, should not wear arch supports. We have been greatly successful in convincing thousands of functional therapists, chiropractors and osteopathic physicians, but the podiatrists are dragging their heels. The concept of supportive shoes, particularly wearing arch supports, is so ingrained in Western culture that frankly, most people looking at our insoles have a difficult time believing they can do anything at all because they do not look like traditional support and the corrective dimensions are so small.

It is a challenge we treasure because most people are just tickled to experience that ProKinetics® Insoles improve their foot and body mechanics, and in so many cases that is enough to completely or significantly relieve musculoskeletal pain. We don't want you to tough it out. Aches and pains are your body telling you that something is fundamentally wrong. Bad foot mechanics from birth literally cause people to stand, walk and run their way into bad posture and pain from their feet to their jaw.

Part of our mission is to create a greater awareness - to help you realize that correct posture is as important as good nutrition and proper hydration. Believe it or not, there was a time when parents all over the world encouraged their children to “stand and sit up straight” because the physical and mental benefits of good posture were intuitive and supported by the medical professions. Unfortunately, today, too many doctors believe posture is something we cannot easily control – so they just don’t bother with it. Just as it was discovered that you could learn to breathe correctly through biofeedback, your posture can also be automatically corrected through providing proper feedback to your feet. People have been carrying water bottles for years. This is far simpler - just put a pair of ProKinetics® Insoles in your shoes and forget about them. That's all you need to do to take the first step toward eliminating a significant problem.

Revolutionary Design

ProKinetics® Insoles are revolutionary because they stimulate the body to correct gait and posture naturally without conscious effort. Based on a patented concept Posture Dynamics acquired from Dr. Brian A. Rothbart DPM in 1998, Posture Dynamics designed the ProKinetics® Insoles for optimum effectiveness, ease of use and affordability. Tens of thousands of people have been freed from musculoskeletal, posture and body mechanics related pain.

Professional or Self Help

The world over, medical professionals, therapists and athletic trainers are re-discovering the importance of posture and putting body mechanics front and center in their practices. The Internet is helping people find natural solutions to common health problems. Posture Dynamics is here to support you in finding professional help and discover what you can do for yourself. Although all our products are available through our network of professional providers in the US, Canada and several overseas countries, mortonsfoot.com makes the most commonly recommended ProKinetics® Insoles available directly to you. The general information we provide on our professional site, posturedynamics.com is also available to you here on mortonsfoot.com.

Thousands have taken advantage of our 90-day Unconditional Guarantee

Since our opening of mortonsfoot.com in 2001, we have offered a 90-day unconditional guarantee that even incudes outbound shipping. Our return rate has fluctuated between 3 to 4.5%, so we feel confident in claiming a 95% success rate. Our repeat purchase rate is also excellent, and once a customer, you too will be able to take advantage of our customer specials.