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Amazon Reviews

NOTE: These testimonials may still be found on the Amazon website although we have not offered our insoles there for a considerable time.  We soon realized that we were paying Amazon for basically raiding our website - all in the spirit of Free Shipping.   You can receive free shipping on this website by using the coupon code "ACTNOW" plus we offer a 90 day return policy.

Nurse mommy

I like that it can be adjusted for each for type ...

December 4, 2015 Size: Unisex M6.5-8/W8-9.5Verified Purchase

I like that it can be adjusted for each for type and even tells you how to figure out what your foot type is. I bought for myself as I over supinate and do suffer from knee, hip, and back problems. It takes a few weeks to adjust to the insoles which is normal. I did notice changes in my stance immediately. I have been wearing for a month and have reduced pain. Granted it will not cure all pain, but pain is multifaceted and every correction helps whether it's insoles, exercise, weight loss, etc.


Awesome customer service!

August 10, 2017 Size: Unisex M6.5-8/W8-9.5Verified Purchase

These insoles did not work for me...at all. I had kept them past the month Amazon return deadline. However, the company itself offers a 90-day money back guarantee. I called them and Melady was very helpful and gave me no hassle at all about the refund. She even offered some alternative tips to help solve my hip pain issue since the insoles hadn't helped. So trying these out only cost me a few dollars in return postage. From the other reviews it seems clear that these have helped a lot of people. I wish I had been one of them but everybody is different so I can't really fault the insoles which I thought were of decent quality. The removable arch supports and additional wedges make them really customizable. I recommend giving them a try but ease into wearing them and if your knees start swelling up or anything gets significantly worse instead of better, stop using them and return them.


I was skeptical, but not any more! This thing really works! Def buy!!!!!

March 28, 2016 Size: Unisex M4.5-6/W6-7.5Verified Purchase

I was hesitant and thought, "Yeah right! Something like this is going to really work as advertised?!?" I was skeptical to say the least! Well, I can't praise this insert enough. The thing actually works. I am very pleasantly surprised. 5 stars!!!

billy rice

These do exactly what they say they will do. ...

August 31, 2015 Size: Unisex M10.5-12Verified Purchase

These do exactly what they say they will do. They have corrected my gate cycle and relieved alot of pain. Pain from my ankles all the way to my shoulders and neck. My only regret is that I didn't find these about 15 years ago.

Lynne T

An enormous improvement for balance and knee pain.

February 18, 2016 Size: Unisex M8.5-10/W10-11.5Verified Purchase

I bought these inserts to help with knee pain and also a tendency to pronate. They work very well -- my trainer says she can really see a difference, and I feel much more stable and comfortable.

Cody Goodfellow

One of the best purchases I've ever made

March 29, 2016 Size: Unisex M10.5-12Verified Purchase

I felt much better after just a few days of wearing these along with the aid of ankle wraps. My posture is already better. I can sit up straighter and my knees don't hurt as much. This product solved so many problems for me. I was suppose how much of my health problems can form my hyper probated ankles.

G Brown

You definitely have to walk in these insoles for a ...

March 20, 2016 Size: Unisex M8.5-10/W10-11.5Verified Purchase

You definitely have to walk in these insoles for a few days before your feet gets use to them. I'm looking forward to improving my posture. I'll have to check that on the Wii Fit.


Not for me

February 10, 2016 Size: Unisex M6.5-8/W8-9.5Verified Purchase

The arches are not exactly even making the insoles very uncomfortable. Offered no improvement in my foot pain. My plantar fasciitis is worse than before trying the insoles. I can't use them in my shoes and I've waited too long to return. Would not recommend for plantar fasciitis.


better than custom made orthotics

October 17, 2017 Size: Unisex M4.5-6/W6-7.5Verified Purchase

helps with my pain, better than custom made orthotics!!!


These are the best!!

I never thought that correcting the way i walked would make such a huge difference. My feet no longer hurt. Now I can't walk without them. These are the best!!


arch support didnt work for me

June 3, 2016 Size: Unisex M8.5-10/W10-11.5Verified Purchase

they only came with 2 different arch supports which did not work for me


Happy Husband's Feet

March 2, 2016 Size: Unisex M8.5-10/W10-11.5Verified Purchase

Husband seems very satisfied with these orthotics.


Relief within days.

June 2, 2016 Size: Unisex M6.5-8/W8-9.5Verified Purchase

Had "chronic" plantar fasciitis. No longer. These are fantastic. Relief within days.

Lisa B.

Best inserts ever!

September 18, 2015 Size: Unisex M6.5-8/W8-9.5Verified Purchase

Have used Posture Dyamics inserts for years. This is the greatest technology. I literally wouldn't survive without them. They are the only thing that has ever helped my foot pain. Not even expensive orthotics came close to the comfort and relief these provide. They truly are a lifesaver for me. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Ann P.

These Orthotics Are Life Changing

March 9, 2017 Size: Unisex M4.5-6/W6-7.5Verified Purchase

I developed a corn and was searching for causes. I found another website that described Morton's Toe and all of the implications of that variant of foot shape. Everyone of the symptoms described me to a tee. After reading the other website I literally searched Morton's Toe, found your website. The main difference between your website and the others is you have created actual products rather than home made products. The other sites describe a way to reduce pain under $3. Well, I actually tried it for 3 days (I cut an old orthotic and taped it to a new orthotic). It changed my posture and foot placement drastically. I decided to order your regular thickness orthotic in 6mm from Amazon. I loved it so much I ordered 3 ultra thin orthotics in 6mm yesterday. I just wish I saw the coupon first. I have removed the arch support. My posture is improved. My IT band has improved. My corn resolved within a week to 10 days. That was the most amazing part. With your orthotic the pain between my toes was relieved in my shoes immediately. No more pressure. Now it's healed. I was also having Right PT Tendon pain. Resolved. I am switching from foot levelers to your orthotic. I don't want to be barefoot in my house anymore . I bought new shoes for the house and a dedicated insert from you. Thank you thank you thank you. I'm 43. Female. Hospital worker (anesthesia). I am actually looking forward to building up to running again. Also, I loved your quick test for determining the degree of correction. It was like a light bulb popped on when I saw my knees way over my big toe. Now when I squat my alignment is correct. I can actually feel my quads working in a different way which has to be why my IT band has calmed down.

Addendum: The company is so awesome they honored their coupon after I placed my ultra thin orthotic on their website!

Neil Reittinger

cheaply made, over priced.

July 1, 2016 Size: Unisex M10.5-12Verified Purchase

My first impression of these were they were cheaply made. There is no padding. I decided to use them anyway. The arch support and Morton's toe strips work great. But they definitely could use padding to make the overall comfort better. Definitely NOT a $60 pair of insoles!! I will continue my search for the best pair of insoles for both Morton's toe and arch support....

Amazon Customer

Our second set. First pair has served well for ...

October 27, 2016 Size: Unisex M6.5-8/W8-9.5Verified Purchase

Our second set. First pair has served well for over a year with little wear. May end up with a set for each pair of boots!

Amazon Customer

Amazing product. I've worn them daily for a month

August 11, 2016 Size: Unisex M6.5-8/W8-9.5Verified Purchase

Amazing product. I've worn them daily for a month. I skipped the last 2 days, choosing to wear mt usual open heel tennis type shoes and the pain returned. Will go back to my inserts tomorrow. I'm going to order another pair.

Saundra A. Rose

Very nice versatile insoles!

February 5, 2016 Size: Unisex M6.5-8/W8-9.5Verified Purchase

These feel great! I over pronate pretty badly and I like that I can test out the first level before increasing the correction. I think that I will probably need to add the extra corrector, but it's good to ease into it. I will try to remember to come back in a week or two when I add the next level on.

Amazon Customer

These are great!

February 20, 2016 Size: Unisex M6.5-8/W8-9.5Verified Purchase

I've tried many different inserts for my supination, and this is the only type that has helped. I'm ready to buy a second pair!

Amazon Customer

Five Stars

September 20, 2017 Size: Unisex M6.5-8/W8-9.5Verified Purchase

Work excellent

Daniel Smith

Bought these for my wife, who is a chef ...

December 18, 2015 Size: Unisex M10.5-12Verified Purchase

Bought these for my wife, who is a chef and on her feet all day with no break. Her feet have gotten much relief, posture has improved, and has an overall feeling of greater wellness a couple weeks into wearing them.

Richard Brosnahan

Five Stars

March 14, 2016 Size: Unisex M8.5-10/W10-11.5Verified Purchase

Great product. Has really helped with my lower back pain.


Poor Design

March 16, 2016 Size: Unisex M8.5-10/W10-11.5Verified Purchase

I am a physician with plantar fasciitis, and very sensitive feet. I also have hammertoes, and it is too painful for me to walk with bare feet. When I tried to wear shoes with these insoles, I could feel the boundaries between the wedges and the body of the product. There was not a smooth contour, which made them much too uncomfortable to wear.


Three Stars

March 26, 2016 Size: Unisex M10.5-12Verified Purchase

Great for Morton Toe pain. Not as durable as they should be for the price.


One Star

August 6, 2017 Size: Unisex M8.5-10/W10-11.5Verified Purchase

Way Over priced. Doesnt work.

Tiffany Kramer

Too bad the red piece isn't removeable.

February 12, 2016 Size: Unisex M4.5-6/W6-7.5Verified Purchase

These insoles are made of quality material. Unfortunately, the red piece under ball of the foot is very irritating. I wore the insoles for 2 weeks to try and adjust to the odd feeling, but I never did. It feels exactly like something is stuck under your foot. The instructions say your brain will adjust to the slight lift and cause you to use the proper muscles when walking. This did not happen. I would have loved the insoles if the red piece were removeable. I did try to tear it off but it is glued too well.

LaVonne A. Bullinger

Three Stars

February 28, 2017 Size: Unisex M4.5-6/W6-7.5Verified Purchase

excepted more from them!

Andrew Bost

These insoles have made a big difference in the structural ...

November 22, 2017 Size: Unisex M8.5-10/W10-11.5

These insoles have made a big difference in the structural health of my whole body.

I've dealt with pain in my lower back, hips, upper back, ankles and other places for 13 years. I've tried everything. Seen lots of specialists, tried lots of gadgets, everything. ProKinetics insoles are major part of what keeps me sustainably healthy.

I have Morton's Foot and never even considered that that might be part of my ongoing problem until landing on the ProKinetics website. I've been using the insoles and experimenting with them for 4 or 5 years now. I noticed a difference in the first week. I've gone on and off of them many times, seeing how they affect me. At this point, I can't imagine not having them in my shoes full-time. I have a pair of them for almost every pair of shoes I own.

Try them for yourself and see how well they work for you. If they save you two trips to the chiropractor, they've paid for themselves. My insoles have saved me tons of chiropractor visits over the years.


Wonderful change

July 25, 2015 Size: Unisex M6.5-8/W8-9.5

I have been using professional orthotics for fallen arch on left foot and yes the orthotics do relieve the pain. However I also believe that orthotics do not exercise your feet muscles and do not address the underlying feet issues. I have been using posture dynamics insoles for about 3 weeks and have been gradually increasing the time worn daily as per the instructions. I feel like I am standing talller and straighter when I wear them and I also feel like my feet are actually working to have the correct stance.


AMAZING product!!!

July 3, 2015 Size: Unisex M6.5-8/W8-9.5

I have struggled with plantar fasciitis and joint issues almost my whole life. As a competitive runner, these problems led me to see a renowned sports doctor, who informed me that I "had the worst biomechanics he'd ever seen." He created a pair of (expensive) orthotics for me that supposedly would cure all my ailments. However, they made everything worse and gave me huge blisters! In my desperation, I searched the internet for solutions and came across the posture control insoles on a Runner's World forum. While I was skeptical of their claims at first, I became a true believer after trying them. Before I used the insoles, I was told that I "ran like a duck." That all changed with the Posture Control insoles! Rather than being a crutch (like a traditional orthotic), these insoles facilitate more efficient biomechanics in a natural way. They helped keep me injury free while running my best times in cross country and track. EIGHT years later, I am still loving my insoles and don't know what I'd do without them!!

Mary Ann Reynolds

Recommended by a Massage Therapist

August 7, 2015 Size: Unisex M4.5-6/W6-7.5

As soon as I put them in my Merrells, I felt my upper body weight shift from over my greater trochanters of the femur to over my actual hip joints, a much better alignment. I'm a licensed massage therapist, and I've started checking my clients' feet when they have chronic leg joint and/or spine and/or TMJ issues. Dysfunction seems to add up with age, with chronic pain tending to show up after age 40. When clients have a shorter first metatarsal, this is what I recommend.


Love them!

July 14, 2015 Size: Unisex M6.5-8/W8-9.5

These insoles have really helped my feet over the past six months. I was having terrible pain on my feet just below my big toe and my second toe. I wasn't able to walk barefoot without pain. These insoles were recommended to me by my trainer, and they had made a huge difference. I use the insoles in my tennis shoes, and I do resistance and interval training with no issues. My feet don't hurt anymore and I can walk barefoot again without pain. I also use them in my everyday shoes, so I am using them for the most part of the day except maybe on weekends. Love them and would definitely recommend them. Their customer service is also outstanding and very helpful if you have any questions.


I love my inserts

July 27, 2015 Size: Unisex M4.5-6/W6-7.5

I love my inserts. Helps so much and my decades old callouses are slowly disappearing. Recommended to my older sister and just got this note from her: "Thank you so much for the suggestion of the inserts. I have them and what a difference!! I can't believe it. Maybe no surgery necessary which would be great!"

Dirgham Nubani

questioning how long it will last as there is pretty good wear after 1month using them

May 11, 2018 Size: Unisex M6.5-8/W8-9.5

Pros: Helps improve alignment without a doubt Cons: questioning how long it will last as there is pretty good wear after 1month using them


I love them all

July 2, 2015 Size: Unisex M6.5-8/W8-9.5

I use the Pro Kinetics replacement insoles, Ultrathins, and the Solemate adhesives. I love them all. All it takes is 1-2 days and you will feel the difference in your feet and back. Finally feel balanced. No more callous/blisters under the 2nd/3rd toes. I work as a massage therapist and when I notice clients with the telltale webbing between 2nd-3rd toes and they have low back pain (especially SI joint area), I direct them to the mortonsfoot.com website to watch the video to fit themselves for the inserts. That tiny little 3mm correction has a profound affect on the whole body. Made walking around Disney World Resorts for a week a joy. No foot pain at all.


What a change!

July 2, 2015 Size: Unisex M6.5-8/W8-9.5

I have used the ProKinetics insoles since they were provided to me by the doctor who was providing trigger point therapy for all kinds of pains in my back and neck. They have been fabulous. They correct my pronation and result in far less pain. It has been a true life improvement.


... store bought and custom made) and these are the best I have used

July 10, 2015 Size: Unisex M8.5-10/W10-11.5

I have tried numerous orthotics (both store bought and custom made) and these are the best I have used. The company has great customer service too.


Recommend to try per wjc

July 5, 2015 Size: Unisex M12.5-14

Have used many different inserts, including 6 pair of custom inserts, over the last 40 years. These to do the job!! Would recommend trying if you have flat feet. Also great for running in

Allan Chen

Most inexpensive and effective orthodic inserts I've used. Knee ...

September 14, 2015 Size: Unisex M10.5-12

Most inexpensive and effective orthodic inserts I've used. Knee pains went away and I am able to sprint hard once again. They are also very effective in cycling shoes too.

judith s. richmond

The best I've tried.

July 24, 2015 Size: Unisex M4.5-6/W6-7.5

I've been using these for several years. Great relief from foot pain.


I have sciatica and my arches collapse, but when ...

July 4, 2015 Size: Unisex M6.5-8/W8-9.5

I have sciatica and my arches collapse, but when I found these insoles, I have no longer had problems with pain. I am on my feet all day as I work in healthcare and don't know what I would do without Posture Dynamics.

A. Hopewell

Morton's Foot Support

September 26, 2016 Size: Unisex M6.5-8/W8-9.5Verified Purchase

While I am not but a week and a half into wear, I am very pleased. I do not need the included arch cookies. I started out with the red toe wedges. I had already been wearing some doctored up orthotics I had made myself, so I knew I'd likely need to add the orange wedges. After 4 days of wear, I added the orange without much soreness due to adjustment. I notice my gait changing some already and have seen my nasty heel whip decrease. I have had chronic it band tightness, si joint dysfunction, peroneal trigger points, piriformis syndrome, etc. on the right side. I have been in physical therapy for months and found little relief until looking at it from a foundational point of view. These inserts seem to be just the structure and support I have needed for my Morton's foot.


Life changing!!

November 6, 2017 Size: Unisex M8.5-10/W10-11.5Verified Purchase

I waited a while before writing this review. I have had numerous musculoskeletal and feet issues throughout my life, including flexible flat feet, Morton's neuroma, neuropathy in one foot due to a botched injection, sacroiliac pain due to a rotated pelvis and shoulder issues related to the SI issues. I have been working with a trigger point release chiropractor for over a year and finally about two months ago, I felt I was in a good enough space skeleton and muscle wise that I could finally address my foot issues. I will preface this by saying that I've had a 1/4'' lift on my whole shoe for five years which is what really sealed the deal in making my pain issues worse. That a pain management doctor's answer to my rotated pelvis. All that did was make it worse. I have had at least four custom pairs of orthotics and have two huge grocery bags full of inserts I've tried. I've tried countless pairs of shoes, including motion control shoes. I read the info and science behind these inserts, and they are inserts, NOT orthotics and it made good sense to me so I tried them. Initially I thought they wouldn't work but I stuck with them and they have made a HUGE difference in my quality of life. My shoulder pain and SI pain diminished, and slowly my tight leg muscles and knee pain are getting better as well. I've been using these insoles almost all the time for three weeks. I should say I don't have a Morton's foot but I do have hypermobile first metatarsals as well as my whole foot. These insoles are training my big toe to hit the ground and bear the weight of the foot which is how it should be, but wasn't. I have a bunion on my right foot, which is no longer painful and my elevated big toe on my left foot is learning to lay down flat. It never did that since I had a bunionectomy nine years ago. If you are on the fence about these, please try them. The customer service folks are incredibly helpful and the guarantee should ease one's mind about trying them. Two suggestions I have for the company.....make the insoles in shoes sizes not in size ranges. I had a bit of trouble adjusting to the arch cookie which I don't feel is long enough for me. I wear a woman's size 10 but have the 8-9.5 size insole. Finding shoes has been tricky since they are supposed to be somewhat sturdy but not have a lot of arch support. So far I've found that Saucony Echelons are the best shoes for this insole and for me. Thank you for making a great product. It has changed my life. I can now walk around in life, not as much as I'd like but I am sure that will come with time.


IT band

May 17, 2016 Size: Unisex M4.5-6/W6-7.5Verified Purchase

Wore them for the first time today. I have very(!) high arches and have foot pain and also IT band problems. The product information states that foot problems can lead to tight IT band. I wore them with fishermen's sandals which were closed at toe, but open in back. Unfortunately, because of the open back, they wouldn't stay put in shoe. I took them out and took about 5 steps across parking lot when right hip started to really hurt (IT band issue).

I stuck some velcro on these and it completely solved the problem of them coming out of the fishermen's sandals.

carol h

There will still be a year or more to get my body back to the way it should be but the difference in just a month is amazing!

April 6, 2017 Size: Unisex M10.5-12Verified Purchase

I can't believe the difference in my legs and posture. Anyone with Morton's toe should get these. Hammer toes are straightening out. Leg muscles are now flexible when they were hard as rocks. I'm standing up straight again instead of hunched over. There will still be a year or more to get my body back to the way it should be but the difference in just a month is amazing!


walking without pain now

July 20, 2015 Size: Unisex M6.5-8/W8-9.5Verified Purchase

I have been wearing these insoles for several years. They have been a lifesaver. I first found out about them when I was researching Morton's toe, which I had been told by a podiatrist that I had. At that point, all that was recommended was to wear flat shoes (no high heel) and use arch supports. The amount of money I spent on different arch supports was painful.

When I found the mortonsfoot.com website, I was almost ecstatic but also wary. However, I tried them, even though they're expensive, and it was incredible. I now walk without pain in my feet. I have this style in all my shoes in which they fit, and also have the thinner option (not yet available on amazon) for my dressier shoes.

Morton's toe primary symptom seems to be a second toe longer than the big toe. If this is the case for you, I strongly recommend going to their website and learning about their products. Even if you don't have Morton's toe, they might be helpful; about that I don't know anything.


Best thing you will ever buy in your life!

March 13, 2016 Size: Unisex M10.5-12Verified Purchase

With a inflammatory cream, these inserts solved my shin splints!!!! I could not believe it after 6 years of having pain it is gone! And my lower back pain is even gone. I am just amazed at how this works. They feel weird at first but takes a couple days and you will notice you back pain gone and shine splints are gone. I used the Penetrex cream with these inserts. Better than anything my doctor did for me!


Best orthotics

May 9, 2017 Size: Unisex M6.5-8/W8-9.5Verified Purchase

These are the BEST orthotics on the market. Helps keep your spine aligned and your feet where they are supposed to be. You don't end up with aching feet and back. Highly recommend.

Creative Traveler

Loved the idea of it

February 2, 2016 Size: Unisex M4.5-6/W6-7.5Verified Purchase

really wide and if you cut them it will compromise the alignment it seemed. Didn't even attempt it. No idea how these can fit into a regular shoe. Loved the idea of it.


I'll Continue My Search

May 13, 2016 Size: Unisex M6.5-8/W8-9.5Verified Purchase

I hoped they would help, but my feet seemed to get worse. They were very thin, without any cushion. There was arch support, but don't think the whole pronation part did much. Really wish I could have given a good review.

Amazon Customer


October 28, 2017 Size: Unisex M4.5-6/W6-7.5Verified Purchase

These did help with the back pain but no more so than the 10.00 gel soles I also bought.

Cathy L. Cooksley

Finally Relief

September 5, 2017 Size: Unisex M8.5-10/W10-11.5Verified Purchase

This has been the only thing that has helped my husband get relief from planter fasciitis, definitely recommend!

divinemskTop Contributor: Pets

Amazing benefit in just 3 days

September 14, 2015 Size: Unisex M6.5-8/W8-9.5Verified Purchase

I have always had problems with supination (walking on the outside of my feet) and all the problems resulting fromit. I recently broke my ankle which required surgery and 6 weeks non-weight bearing. During that time the muscle atrophy in my leg made my supination even worse. I am struggling through PT trying to strengthen those muscles but have been discouraged by my continuing pain. After doing some research I decided that I might benefit from orthotics and these might be the ones to try. I have been wearing them for 3 days and the change just far is amazing. I can feel how I walk better, my ankle is far less painful and the swelling less of an issue. These will be a real benefit to my recovery and long after.

Melanie Wyckoff

My legs have hurt much much worse then normal in the two days I've been wearing ...

March 11, 2016 Size: Unisex M4.5-6/W6-7.5Verified Purchase

I can't tell if they're helping or not... My legs have hurt much much worse then normal in the two days I've been wearing them but I don't know if that's the insoles or not.


I have to use these and they've made a positive difference

June 1, 2018 Size: Unisex M12.5-14Verified Purchase

These insoles are great for folks with Morton's toe. Basically if your second toe is longer than your big toe and you run a lot you will eventually need these. I went years without having any discomfort in my feet. Finally, the day came when these insoles were required and these ones solved my specific problem. My problem was that my second toe was bearing the majority of my weight instead of my big toe. This causde massive pain in my foot, specifically, my second toe was swelling up every time I ran/played basketball. These insoles are designed so that your big toe will be "engaged" when you are running. It will reduce the soreness in your second toe. I wear these insoles whenever I run and have them in my basketball shoes and running shoes. I was not prescribed these by a doctor or foot specialist. I researched this issue in depth and found this solution. I've been using these insoles for 4 years I wish I didn't need them but I honestly can't function without them for very long.


there was no wedge for heel area and there wasn't ...

January 4, 2017 Size: Unisex M8.5-10/W10-11.5Verified Purchase

there was no wedge for heel area and there wasn't any ventilation I had to drill some holes to get some venting because my feet were wet.


These are amazing!

February 11, 2016 Size: Unisex M6.5-8/W8-9.5Verified Purchase

I work in the construction industry so am on my feet all day, I also suffer from piriformis syndrome. The second day after wearing these, my legs and feet were no longer fatigued after a long day on my feet. My hips quit hurting and the pain from the piriformis syndrome has decreased dramatically - I actually sleep at night now with no pain. I wore a pair of shoes without these in them, big mistake, the pain at the end of the day was not worth it. I am going to purchase enough for all of my shoes. These are amazing!

B. Savercool

One Star

November 19, 2016 Size: Unisex M12.5-14Verified Purchase

very not comfortable after 2 hours of use they hurt very very bad


painful flat left foot

January 1, 2017 Size: Unisex M8.5-10/W10-11.5Verified Purchase

I have mortons foot, painful flat left foot, with chronic foot pain. Spending many years on my feet as an E.R. nurse time has taken it's toll. Pro kinetics have offered the best support. First pair lasted me about 6 months of continuous wear, averaging 5 to 7 miles a shift walking on concrete floors, also used in my hiking shoes. I decided to invest in more than one pair at a time to increase wear time, it's worth every penny. Foot, and knee pain is no bueno. I need to be able to do my job, and hike comfortably.


not comfortable in brooks

May 5, 2016 Size: Unisex M10.5-12Verified Purchase

i ordered these for my husband. he tried them briefly in the new brooks running shoes I got him, but he did not think they were comfortable. so, we returned them. my return was processed quickly - I'm at least pleased with that.

Amazon Customer

Five Stars

January 19, 2016 Size: Unisex M4.5-6/W6-7.5Verified Purchase



Didn't work for me

August 21, 2016 Size: Unisex M10.5-12Verified Purchase

This insole did not work for me. I hoped this product would help correct the outward roll of my feet, but I ended up with severe back pain. Not for my particular issues, but the costs were quickly and completely reimbursed.


Very well made insole that helped me out.

June 27, 2016 Size: Unisex M10.5-12Verified Purchase

In my opinion these are the best insoles (for the price) on the market. They have all but cured my heal pain problems

R. A. Krueger

Make my feet feel great

September 3, 2016 Size: Unisex M8.5-10/W10-11.5Verified Purchase

These insoles are the best. I had custom insoles and these insoles are better

Michael Mcbride

Four Stars

April 19, 2017 Size: Unisex M12.5-14Verified Purchase

Almost great, better than Orem.


Two Stars

May 30, 2016 Size: Unisex M4.5-6/W6-7.5Verified Purchase

Wore only one day before going back to my other brand.

Consumer Helper

Really helped my leg and foot pain without slowing down my workouts.

November 14, 2015 Size: Unisex M8.5-10/W10-11.5Verified Purchase

Having used these new insoles for about 3 weeks the shin splints I was dealing with have been relieved. Additionally after prolonged cardio workouts my feet would often hurt, but after using these it is better. Even the first step pain in the mornings is almost nonexistent.

You can tell these are really high quality as opposed to the cheap cushy stuff you see in grocery stores. Very helpful!

Amazon Customer

Five Stars

February 2, 2017 Size: Unisex M8.5-10/W10-11.5Verified Purchase

go for a walk


The ONLY effective foot support!

June 29, 2015 Size: Unisex M4.5-6/W6-7.5

The ONLY foot support I have found to be effective. I had plantar fascitis for 6 months or so and my homeopathic Dr. gave me these foot supports. I was amazed when within 1 day the plantar fascitis was gone and has not returned. I have a pair in all of my shoes and I use the sandal supports in all of my sandals. I no longer have a problem finding comfortable shoes - I just find a shoe with a removeable insert and add the supports. My husband uses them also - he had a spinal fusion years ago and found his right foot did not move properly anymore - after using these supports, the problem is gone. I have given them to my mother also who finds they help as she could not find a comfortable shoe and was folding the back heel down and walking on it to make her feet feel better. After adding these supports, she no longer walks on the back of her shoes! I've recommended them to many people. Great customer support and yearly sale in July. Just bought my husband another pair! in June