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Arch Supports

Would you wear a neck brace all day if you didn't need it? What about those arch support foot orthotics? Are you sure you need them?

We understand, most people believe they need arch supports because that's what podiatrists worldwide have been prescribing for decades, but like in every other field, there's new technology.

Relative to arch supports which have been around for over a century, ProKinetics® Insoles are based on NEW TECHNOLOGY. Not so new we aren't proven, but new enough for many people to be unfamiliar with the ProKinetics concepts. ProKinetics® Insoles take advantage of the fact that you have muscular control over your arches. Using small dimensions, the ProKinetics® Insoles stimulate your neuromuscular system to change your muscle activation patterns.

You should be skeptical.  It's your body, and you want to do the right thing, but try this little test and you'll understand what we mean:

Stand up.  Squeeze your toes tight as if you were trying to use your feet to pick up a towel from the floor.

Can you see and feel your arches rising?

Most people can, and if you can raise your arches, you have all the muscle and mobility we need to help you strengthen your feet naturally by exercising them a little with every step.  Just making them move the right way will make you feel an instant difference and they strengthen quickly. 

What you should know about arch supports

Podiatrists prescribe arch supports for high arches, low arches and no arches.  Doesn't that make you wonder why?  Yes, but because podiatrists are the de-facto authority on feet, companies like Superfeet, Protalus, Dr. Scholls, Spenco and others get away with selling you a basic copy of custom orthotic arch supports.

Arch supports are designed to immobilize or limit the motion of your feet which is exactly what you need if you're injured.  Are you injured, or are you trying to fix aches and pains by making your feet function better? Immobilizing any part of the body will lead to loss of function. Would you really wear a neck brace all day if you felt it was comfortable? What about your neck muscles that need to maintain strength by being used?

Most people have flexible arches that drop some when standing, but there is no ideal arch height.  Less than 20% of the population have flat feet.  Do you have flat feet or just low arches?

Less than 3% of the population have rigid feet and need special orthotics.  Do you have full range of motion in your feet?  

If you're curious and want to get to the details of how and why the ProKinetics® Insoles is better for you, here's the science.