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Posted on 5/31/2020 to GLoves off

Never has the US government allowed states to declare jobs, occupations, and business UNESSENTIAL. Never has business been shut down without legal challenge unless delivering unlawful products and services. Let the past few months be an infamous testament to what can happen when the public blindly trusts their government and follow dictates without applying reason, logic, and a good measure of skepticism. COVID-19 was immediately compared to the seasonal flu which is hardly worth a news headline despite tens of thousands of annual deaths. As we now see the timeline, revealing what the "experts" knew and when, we, or at least many of us, are learning how callus and inept government bureaucrats can be. Who are these "experts" and why should they not be subject to a healthy amount of wisdom and experience based skepticism?   This is not our first crisis.

Our company is blessed to still be here albeit a rough patch coinciding with our professional customers, who are apparently also UNESSENTIAL, not being allowed to serve their chronic pain patients. It is difficult to comprehend how anyone who helps their fellow man overcome chronic pain is UNESSENTIAL, but then again, thousands of hospital staff were laid off or furloughed because they were made UNESSENTIAL by the government restricting access to some of the tests, treatments and surgeries for diseases that scare us the most. Cancer, heart, kidney disease and more. Who would have thought that people who invested money, blood, sweat and tears to become a heart surgeon, a cancer specialist, or a chronic pain therapist could so easily be deemed UNESSENTIAL while clerks selling liquor and marijuana would be ESSENTIAL. There is no logic here unless this was a false flag event and the decision makers, feared taking people’s mind numbing substances away, would be one step too far.

If what we have learnt to date about this pandemic did not raise your suspicion, disappointment or anger, please apply some logic and wisdom to 19-2, the possibility of a “New Normal” dictated by Government ranging from regulating crowd sizes to the treasured political price - everyone voting by mail. Please show some courage and take the time to chat up your neighbors or anyone you meet. Seek an opportunity to launch some questions about their understanding of the “New Normal".   Help them to some rational, fact-based thinking if possible.

“Never let a crisis go to waste” is usually considered a sly divisive tactic to pit groups against each other, but let us not waste this one. This crisis is real.  The worst that can happen is more likely to happen if you do not engage. If you are greeted by indifference, unresponsiveness, or even disdain you have lost nothing, but I bet you will have gained a little more confidence and self-worth because you just confirmed your American Spirit.

Personal comment: This short post was indeed outside my normal topic, but if you look at the graph above, irresponsible government action can change your life fast and permanently. Think about the millions who have lost everything.

Gloves Off Series – We’ve had it with conventional dogma.

After 20 years of working with people in pain and with responsible and caring professionals who care for people experiencing chronic musculoskeletal pain, we have had it with conventional dogma when it comes to your feet and your functional body. We may be risking the wrath of some medical professionals, podiatrists, footwear and fitness industries, but so be it. We want to stimulate curiosity and fact based debate because there is no rational reason for millions of people worldwide to suffer from chronic musculoskeletal pain.

About the Author:

Bjorn Svae is the owner of GRD BioTech, Inc. dba Posture Dynamics founded in 1998. Bjorn holds degrees in electrical engineering and business and has enjoyed a career in design, marketing and sales of diagnostic medical equipment as well as business consulting and entrepreneurship. In 1997, nine years after having undergone bilateral fractured meniscus knee surgery, he met Dr Rothbart and was fitted with an early edition of the forerunner to the ProKinetics Insoles. The pain which had reappeared in the left knee immediately went away and has never come back.