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For 20 years, ProKinetics® Insoles have been a life changing experience for thousands. If you're curious about a different approach, take advantage of our "All Your Money Back Guarantee", ensuring you have everything to gain and nothing to lose. Both of these options give you everything you need to determine if Prokinetics® Insoles will work for you. Simple and Easy - Choose based on the shoes you wear!


If you live in sneakers and shoes with removable insoles

Get the Replacement Insoles

Start by using the pre-installed red wedges.

If you have flat feet or suffer from Plantar Fasciitis, permanently attach the yellow arch cookies, otherwise, remove them.

If this takes care of your symptoms, you are home free, but some people need more correction and need to add the orange wedge on top of the red wedge to make 6 mm correction.

Glue the orange wedge on top of the red wedge using a drop of glue in the front and back only to maintain maximum flexibility and comfort.


If you also need to wear dressier shoes that do not have removable insoles. The Ultrathin fit in all your shoes: (Place underneath the original insoles in shoes with removable insoles)

woman's dress shoespumpmen's dressloaferswalking shoes mens hiking boots

Get the Perfect Fit Kit

Order the Perfect Fit with low arch supports if you have very low arches. Order with high arch support if you have flexible flat feet or chronic Plantar Fasciitis.

Start by wearing the pair of insoles that are marked 3.5 mm. Attach the arches if ordered.

If that takes care of your symptoms, and you don’t need the second pair of insoles, mail them back and we'll send you another pair of the 3.5 mm insoles for $ 20.00.

If it feels like you need more correction, try the second set of insoles in the package – the 6.0 mm insoles. Attach the arches if ordered.

If you decide that the 6.0 mm insoles work best for you, you might want to keep the 3.5 mm insoles for shoes with a lower toe box, but if you don't need then, return the 3.5 mm pair (even if trimmed and used) and we'll send you another pair of 6 mm insoles for $20.00.

All Your Money Back Guarantee 
- Even if trimmed and used!

The only way to give ProKinetics® Insoles a true test is to fit them properly in your shoes, so go ahead, trim them up so they lie nice and flat inside your shoes.  Even if you cut them wrong, you're covered by our 90-day functional guarantee. We have a 90% success rate, which means they'll probably work great for you too, but, if you are unfortunate and find yourself among the 10%, we'll refund you for the product including standard outbound shipping and handling charges. You'll get all your money back unless you ordered upgraded shipping in which case, we'll only deduct the extra shipping cost. No Return Authorization needed. For more details on our guarantee, click here.


It’s simple and risk free, and if you need assistance, you can always call us M-Thu 9-4 Pacific time. 888-790-4100

If you prefer to dig a little deeper and determine your need based on checking your foot mechanics, use this link.