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Money back guarantee

Posted on 5/28/2020 to Company Stories
Money back guarantee

Why don’t you get a money back guarantee from your podiatrist.

Why don’t you? You are after all purchasing a physical product. Why don’t you demand it? Most over-the-counter insole companies will give from 30-90 days to make sure you are satisfied with your purchase.

Aah, it’s custom. That really explains it. But wait, custom products are exempt from meeting your expectations? So, if your custom orthotics leaves you in pain or possibly worse, you should just smile and politely say I’m sorry, but my custom orthotics didn’t help my pain. Thank you for trying. Tell me what other stores you would approach in this manner? What about purchasing custom blinds and they are one inch too wide or the wrong color. You would just politely call the company and say you are sorry they didn’t fit. Can we try it again? Believe it or not. Too many being unhappy with their first podiatrist will seek a second and repeat the process.

But you’re seeing a doctor and doctor’s work really can’t be guaranteed. Is that really true? Isn’t the number one complaint about the cost of medical care explained away by the outrageous cost of malpractice insurance? That means people sue if the surgical outcome is botched or a prescription was incorrect. Getting your money back for useless custom orthotics really should be as simple as sending them back.

Here is my point. Posture Dynamics has been in the chronic pain business for over 20 years and during that time we have taken the time to learn about our caller’s complaints and history to reasonably assess if our insoles would be helpful. To our amazement we have not ever spoken with a single person who took those rotten custom orthotics back to their podiatrist’s office. They may have gone back to have them adjusted two or three times, but sorry, no refunds.

We are all supposed to be rational beings, but in a non-emergency case, what’s rational about starting with the most expensive, non-refundable solutions. Shell out $4oo-600 for a pair of orthotics first, maybe even twice and then move on to the 100% refundable solutions priced at a fraction of the cost. Around $65 with a 90 day return guarantee and a 3% average return rate.

Please contact me by email ([email protected]) about this. Maybe you have a future career helping us with marketing.

Gloves Off Series – We’ve had it with conventional dogma.

After 20 years of working with people in pain and with responsible and caring professionals who care for people experiencing chronic musculoskeletal pain, we have had it with conventional dogma when it comes to your feet and your functional body. We may be risking the wrath of some medical professionals, podiatrists, footwear and fitness industries, but so be it. We want to stimulate curiosity and fact based debate because there is no rational reason for millions of people worldwide to suffer from chronic musculoskeletal pain.

About the Author:

Bjorn Svae is the owner of GRD BioTech, Inc. dba Posture Dynamics founded in 1998. Bjorn holds degrees in electrical engineering and business and has enjoyed a career in design, marketing and sales of diagnostic medical equipment as well as business consulting and entrepreneurship. In 1997, nine years after having undergone bilateral fractured meniscus knee surgery, he met Dr Rothbart and was fitted with an early edition of the forerunner to the ProKinetics Insoles. The pain which had reappeared in the left knee immediately went away and has never come back.