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ProKinetics Experience

For the price of a Coffee. . .
What if you could stop your pain?

Too good to be true? Try the ProKinetics Experience for $7.00!

An easier way to the ProKinetics Experience

If you are intrigued or even skeptical about what you have learned on our site you could do as many of our customers have done in the past - make your own insole to test the concept, but now that we have the Solemate MicroLifts we have a better alternative for you.

So, you’re in pain, you’ve seen your doctor, maybe several doctors, tried their recommendations but you are still in pain and searching for something that works. Maybe you have discovered you have Morton’s Foot Syndrome, often just called Morton’s Toe. Maybe you are tired of trying things that don’t work, and reading websites that promise the world. We understand because if this experience describes you, it describes us too. It’s frustrating.

For 19 years, we have created and recreated websites and literature to spread the good news originally discovered by Dr. Dudley Morton and later substantiated by Drs. Janet Travell and David Simons (Myofascial Pain and Dysfunction: The Trigger Point Manual) about the connection between your feet, posture, body mechanics, dysfunction and pain. To the amazement of most people who just scratch the surface of this subject, this is still being ignored by the mainstream medical professions including most podiatrists despite the efforts of Dr. Burton Schuler (Why You Really Hurt) who is a podiatrist, Claire and Amber Davies (The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook), Sharon Sauer and Mary Biancalana (Trigger Point Therapy for Low Back Pain) and many others like Mary Bond (The New Rules of Posture) who all describe the benefits of the foot correction used in the ProKinetics® Insoles.

All we want is for you to feel better, so over the years we have suggested to lots of sceptics like Dr. Schuler does in his book – Make your own, try it and see what happens. When it comes to chronic pain, that's essentially what a lot of specialists do anyway except for a lot more money, continued pain, inconvenience and frustration.

Now that we have the stick-on MicroLifts™, we thought we could save you the craft project by offering you a 3 Pack of SoleMate MicroLifts including Free Shipping for what most people don't even think twice about paying for fancy Coffee.

An alternative to cutting up mousepads and duct tape for $7.00!

Order your $7.00 ProKinetics Sample Pack

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For $7.00 we'll ship you 3 pair of our Solemate™ MicroLifts™. You can stick them to your feet directly, to a pair of insoles or on top of your sandals. For this test we suggest you stick them to a pair of insoles so you can start slowly to allow your body to adapt. Watch the video for ideas.

What you can expect

By a wide margin, the most frequent question we receive is: "How long will it take before I will feel a difference?" We suggest you invest $7.00 to find out how it will work for you, because everyone is slightly different, but here is a summary of the general experience.

If the insoles are going to help you, you should notice a difference the instant you put your feet in your shoes and stand up. Your individual experience will depend on how you are responding to your structural over pronation without our insoles. Some people follow their structure and just roll inward (over pronate), while the majority, more than 60% try to subconsciously fight it (compensate) by rolling to the outside of their feet (supinate). Take a look at an old pair of shoes.

You release your body to follow your structure -
Over Pronate

If you follow your structure, we call you a Releaser. You release your muscles to follow your structure which if you over pronate means you walk with your feet rotated outward, you may be slightly knock kneed, your belly and bottom tend to protrude, and you have a forward leaning posture. In addition to foot problems, your knees, hips, and back often take a beating. You are a perfect candidate for bunions, Plantar Fasciitis and calluses on your feet.

Using the ProKinetics® Insoles, you will feel a slight increase in pressure under the balls of your feet behind your big toes. You will notice that your feet are pointing more forward as you walk, and you will feel less tension in your knees. A knee bend will be easier. Your posture should improve as your hips will rotate posteriorly bringing in your tummy and tucking your butt under. You will stand up straighter and breathe a little easier. Just as a deteriorating posture does not instantly cause pain, an improving posture does not instantly deliver pain relief, but you should expect to feel signs of improvement during your first week.

You fight your structure and compensate by
Supinating or trying to Supinate.

If you fight your structure, we call you a Bracer. You subconsciously refuse to release your muscles which requires constant muscle tension.

From the second you get out of bed your muscles tighten up, especially your calf muscles. You generally have a decent posture, you walk with your feet pointing pretty much forward, but unless you stretch and care for your muscles daily, they will be tight and sore. Because your muscles are working overtime to protect you, depending on your strength and stamina, your knees, hips and back generally do better. Muscle pain is your price. People like you often get neuroma pain, hammer toes, metatarsal stress fractures and have sore, tired feet.

Generally, your first experience with ProKinetics® Insoles will seem like a significant change in pressure underneath the balls of your feet behind your big toes. That may feel odd to you because you are not used to much pressure under the inside of your feet. You are accustomed to support most of your weight with the second metatarsals right in the middle of the balls of your feet. Off the bat, you should feel more stable and balanced. Your feet will be less tired at the end of the day and after a few days, your calf muscles will start relaxing. Bracers are slow to change and more sensitive to induced change, so if it feels like too much too soon, let it rest for a day and start again. It's extra important for Bracers to follow the break in instructions.


The Solemate™ MicroLift™ sample works the exact same way as the full length ProKinetics® Insoles. We recommend you follow our break-in instructions: Wear them for 1-2 hours the first day. If all is well, increase your wear time from 1-2 hours each subsequent day until you wear them at least 70% of the time. That's why we suggest attaching them to a pair of insoles.

Don't wear ProKinetics® Insoles in motion control, anti-pronation, extra cushioned or extra wide, poor fitting shoes. Don't wear them with your orthotics or in worn out shoes.

If you skipped the break in instructions, it's not uncommon to feel slight muscle aches in your feet during the first few days and a little tiredness in your calves, but it should dissipate quickly. If you experience significant discomfort or pain, don't brave it! Remove the insoles and call us if you want to explore the possible reasons. M-Thurs, 9-4 Pacific Time. 888-790-4100.