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Back Pain - Sciatica

Sciatica is a form of back pain, but is often felt more in the buttocks and even down the leg.

I suddenly got sciatica in the Spring of 2007. I tried everything and I mean everything. I bought my ProKinetics insoles in Oct. 2007. I have worn them every day since. The date is 6/22/2008. I can now walk 3 miles a day if I want. Last Nov. I could not walk 3 blocks without pain shooting down my leg and in my butt. OOOOOCH! I will never forget this experience. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!


My sciatica and lower back pain were killing me, it’s been getting worse for years. I knew I had read an article on making a moleskin pad for Morton’s Toe somewhere online and thought that might help my back pain. I have Morton’s toe and so did my mother and grandfather. Found this site by accident, ordered the stick-on version of your technology and here I am back for more. I’m standing straighter and walking better. The difference is amazing, I feel like a new woman.

Thank you soooo much. RK

I have suffered from sciatica for 3 years until I found your insoles from my Bio Cranial doctor. Also I had no strength in my legs for climbing steps (I’m only 55 so it wasn’t due to old age), but as soon as I put my ProKinetics in my hip pain and sciatica disappeared and I could climb steps again!