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"Stick-On" MicroLifts™

The only corrective orthotics you can wear barefoot

Who uses Solemate MicroLifts™ for their feet? Minimalist runners stick them on their feet or in their Vibram Five-Finger shoes. Women wear with high heel shoes to get rid of the ball-of-foot pain. They work nicely in fashion footwear and boots, and they correct your gait even when barefoot. Fact is you can use them anywhere.

Great for these kinds of shoes.

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In terms of how we measure the foot correction, the Solemate MicroLifts measure 4.5 mm. It is a compromise between our 3.5 mm and 6.0 mm insoles. If you wear them attached to your feet, they feel more like wearing a 6.0 mm pair of insoles. When attached to a flip-flop or sandal you are not always perfectly aligned with the Solemate, so the corrective factor is more akin to the 3.5 mm insoles. You can leave them on overnight, or you can peel them off, refresh the adhesive and put them back on the next day. The number of uses varies greatly and does not typically exceed three days when attached directly to the feet. They are considered a disposable product but have longer life span when attached to sandals or an insole.

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If you have any questions about our products, your specific condition and experience or our risk-free trial, please call us at 1-888-790-4100. Knowledgeable help is available Monday - Thursday, 9AM - 4PM Pacific time. If you prefer, you may also place your order by phone if you do not feel comfortable ordering over the internet.

Performance Guarantee

The Solemate MicroLifts™ are not covered by our 90-day performance guarantee, so if you haven't tried them before, start with a 3 pack or request a free sample with your insole order.

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Medium fits women to size 10
Large fits men and women above size 10.

3-Pair $13.74
12-Pair 37.89
50-Pair $113.85