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Customer Reviews

Thank you for all the positive feedback.  What we find fascinating and frustrating about so many of our customer testimonials is that we are so often the last solution they tried. It is amazing what some medical professionals will take their patients through.  After injections, pain killers, custom shoes and supports, even surgery, our customers got serious about their own research.  They'll ultimately stumble across Morton's toe (or foot), and then our mortonsfoot website.  We consider ourselves very fortunately to offer help and hope.

We have offered our insoles to the public for over 20 years,.   in addition to the testimonials below, there is another one on each content page and we recently posted all our Amazon review in the left margin.  Take a look at the Professional Fit page too to learn what they have to say about ProKinetics Insoles.

I’m a welder and I have suffered from terrible hip and knee pain from years on steel and concrete floors. I got to the point I had to take pain pills every 4 hours to do my job. After only a week in the ProKinetics® Natural Body Balance™ Insoles I started forgetting to take my pain meds. I am constantly getting better, don’t need pain pills any more, and my coworkers say I’m moving around better. These insoles are just amazing, they’ve changed my life. My wife thanks you too.

Dave Jordan
Chronic pain ruined my life.
Davison, MI

Karen Saldana

I have no intension of slowing down. I run 10-17 miles four times a week, walk 6-8 miles, and I love to hike. Several years ago, my back started hurting. I was fitted for orthotics, which cost me over $500 (2x) but the pain continued and became so bad I had to give up running. On my worst days I could barely walk. I made an appointment with Carl Jelstrup, and he discovered my orthotics were throwing me off. Carl recommended Posture Control Insoles with Kinetic Technology™. Well, it’s been over 2 years and I have been “pain” free; I am able to run and walk logging miles without any pain or discomfort. I use my thin Posture Control Insoles in my dress shoes and the ProKinetics in my running shoes. They give me peace of mind and a pain free body!! Thanks so much!

Karen Saldana
Staying active past 40
Seattle, WA

Thelyssa Katchen

What a difference the ProKinetics® Insoles have made. The bottom line is that ProKinetics helped me cut 3 seconds of my 400M sprint which qualified me for a full track and field college scholarship. That’s a fantastic return for a 60-dollar investment. My start became explosive beyond anything I have ever experienced. Good positioning early in the race is a key to winning, and because the insoles make me run more efficiently, I maintained my power all the way to the finish. I have already recommended ProKinetics to my track and field coach at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

Thelyssa Katchen
Track & Field
Clarksville, TN

Andrea Risi

I just wanted to let you know that I am so pleased with my insoles. I have had large bunions since I was a child. They never really bothered me in the Ironman or the Half-Ironman triathlon over the last 8 years. But then I began ultrarunning last fall. The long running was really hurting my arches, which led to other leg and back problems. My Chiropractor, Mare Uranowski, in Tampa suggested I try ProKinetics.

The combination of the flexible arch and the 6 mm Kinetic Technology not only fixed my arches but also helped control blisters and calluses.
I ran my first 100K in Vermont a few weeks ago and had NO PROBLEMS whatsoever with my arches! Of course, the run hurt, but my feet (and subsequently my legs and back) felt appropriately supported for the distance. In fact, when I saw Mare last week, she said she wouldn’t have even known I’d run a 100K because everything was still in proper alignment!!
So, thank you for helping me be able to continue on in endurance sports! I have and will continue to tell others about your excellent products!

Andrea Risi
100K ultra runner
Tampa, Florida

Mark Peterson

Despite having worn orthotics for years, I developed continued worsening of my symptoms of lower back/hip, shoulder and neck pain. My neck and shoulder pain had gotten to the point that it was often difficult to get a good night’s rest. Even when I finally fell asleep, I would wake up because of the aching in my neck and shoulders.
Recently, my massage therapist mentioned that I might benefit from the Body Balance Insoles, inasmuch as the orthotics were obviously not correcting my postural alignment or Morton’s foot problems. Now, after wearing the ProKinetics for only two weeks, my lower back pain is almost completely gone, and my shoulder pain has dissipated considerably!
Thank you for making this wonderful product. It has truly changed my life.

Mark Peterson
Orthotics didn’t correct my posture.
Hawley MN

Sabah Nissan

For years I’ve been dealing with the pain of a ruptured posterior tendon that is, as you know, not “fixable”. Orthotics did absolutely nothing for me…only caused me more pain. I was fortunate to hear about your company from a friend who uses the insoles herself and suggested I give them a try.

I have become a devotee to the 6 mm level of Kinetic Technology™. I can now wear shoes all day long and I’m pain free. When I told my podiatrist about the ProKinetics® Insoles, he said it sounded like a good idea, especially since the orthotics only caused me pain. I started wearing the insoles three years ago and I have no more pain. Furthermore, last time I saw my podiatrist, he marveled at the way my injured foot was changing for the better.
Thank you for your wonderful products.

Sabah Nissan
ProKinetics keeps aligning my feet.
Weehawken, NJ

David Donatucci

The benefits of wearing ProKinetics® Natural Body Balance™ Insoles in your golf shoes are twofold: Your walking mechanics and balance is improved, and ProKinetics do not restrict the range of motion of your feet during the golf swing.

While you may not be very conscious about your feet except when walking the back nine and starting to tire, a stable golf swing relies on unrestricted foot motion. Your feet need to be free to pronate and supinate. If you think about your foot action during the golf swing, you realize that during the backswing your front foot (closest to the green) pronates while your back foot should be stable – slightly pronated to neutral, but not supinated. During the downswing your weight shifts from the back foot to the front foot, and by the end of your follow through nearly all your weight is on the outside of the front foot. Arch support orthotics can cause two problems that worsen with the height of the arch. At the top of your back swing, too much arch support may cause supination and ankle instability in the right foot while restricting pronation in the left foot. This instability may cause loss of both club speed and accuracy. A perfect follow through depends on smooth transitioning of the feet during the downswing. The back foot flows toward increased pronation while the front foot flows toward supination. Anything blocking this smooth transition will downgrade the stroke.

ProKinetics® Insoles rely only on a small amount of proprioceptive feedback to control gait. The proprioceptive feedback helps you improve your foot mechanics, so you walk with greater ease using less energy. The dimensions of the Kinetic Technology™ (small wedge) placed underneath the first metatarsal and big toe is inconsequential from the perspective of restricting intentional foot pronation and supination when directed from the hips and weight shift as is the case in your swing. The bottom line is that you get the benefits of greater stability but retain the freedom of motion to facilitate a smooth, powerful swing.

The Natural Body Balance® Insoles create a stable foot foundation without restricting motion. Just what I want for my students who have gait and posture deficiencies that need to be corrected.

David Donatucci
Director of Fitness
PGA Learning Center
Port St. Lucie, Florida

Bryan Hoddle

Three years ago, I had just started coaching a new athlete who wants to qualify for the 2012 Olympic Games in London. She was bugging me about seeing her physical therapist who had fitted her with a special insole that she thought might help for my knee pain.

I had not been running for several years because of knee pain, and now my knees were hurting all the time regardless of what I did. To make a short story even shorter, Jenny arranged for us to visit Posture Dynamics who created the ProKinetics insoles, and I got my insoles on a Wednesday afternoon almost three years ago. By Thursday morning I was in complete disbelief. I had seen several doctors and therapists, and here, a pair of simple insoles had made me pain free in less than 12 hours.

I am back running several miles every day, and my knees have now been pain free for three years. Needless to say, I am impressed. I quickly understood that while the insoles look simple, the technology is very sophisticated. Every year I lecture to thousands of coaches.

Twice now, I have invited the president of Posture Dynamics to teach the coaches at the Northwest All Sports Clinic how to assess the feet, posture and body mechanics to help their athletes to better performance and injury free sports. Jenny and I have fully entrusted our feet and body mechanics to ProKinetics because it is obvious, they have a technology and products that are very effective.

Bryan Hoddle
Head Coach
2004 USA Paralympic Track & Field Team Athens

Loren Seagrave

In addition to unparalleled comfort, ProKinetics® Insoles deliver true performance improvements unlike anything I have ever experienced. Because the ProKinetics design changes the way your brain perceives the ground, I consider ProKinetics® Insoles to be the only “intelligent insole” in that it constantly reminds your body how to align itself so you can perform at your best. Whether you’re a world class athlete, weekend warrior, or just want to feel better on your feet, try ProKinetics® – the intelligent insoleSM.

Loren Seagrave
Founder, Velocity Sports
Atlanta, GA
Loren Seagrave endorses ProKinetics.

Joe Jacoby

What a blessing these insoles have been for me. I’m glad you looked me up Tony and told me about them. They are miraculous! The ProKinetics Insoles have alleviated the constant pain in my low back that I have had for years. But that’s only one of the many benefits I have experience with them. They have relieved the pain in my legs and feet too. Football is a tough sport that takes its tolls, but the insoles have really put life back in the lower part of my body. I can easily imagine the benefit ProKinetics would have given me during my playing years with the National Football League. They surely would have kept my legs fresher for the whole year, and I would have recovered quicker after each game. Thanks Tony, for reviving these “old legs”

Coach Joe Jacoby
Shenandoah University Football

Joseph Erwin Jacoby retired from the Washington Redskins in 1993 after four Super Bowl appearances, of which his team won three (XVII in 1983, XXII in 1988, and XXVI in 1992), plus four consecutive Pro Bowl selections from 1983-86. Jacoby was a founding member of the Redskins’ renowned “Hogs” offensive line of the 1980s and early 1990s.

Jenny Brogdon

I was an avid athlete and champion high jumper in college. A few years ago, I set my eyes on the Olympic Games and started training again. My physical therapist suggested I get a pair of special insoles to improve my foot mechanics and gait. After a few days wearing them in my regular business shoes, I put them in my track shoes.

I literally had to take my shoes off and take another look at the insoles, because I had more power than I had ever experienced. My gait and sprint were more balanced, and I just had a lot of extra power in my push off.

Since then, I have switched from the medical version of the Kinetic Technology™ to the Prokinetics® Natural Body Balance™ Insoles, and they give me the same power, but with excellent arch support, which I need, and perfect cushioning. Be sure to read the story of my coach, Bryan Hoddle. He had terrible knee pain that is now all gone. Since I’m in the same town as Posture Dynamics, the makers of ProKinetics, I have appointed them to my team of experts to get me ready for the Games in London.

Jenny Brogdon
Training for the 2012 Olympic Games
Olympia, WA
Jenny was the Oregon State High Jump champion.

Mike Bridges

When you squat 800 pounds, every joint in your body needs to be optimally aligned. The ProKinetics® Natural Body Balance™ Insoles naturally help me align my feet and knees just right without me consciously having to alter my posture.

I wore my ProKinetics® Insoles to my first competition at the 2009 Pan American Games and I beat my previous world record in squat by 87 pounds. Although my preparation for the event was right on schedule to maximize my strength, I feel certain that the confidence that comes with improved body mechanics and alignment allowed me to turn on every ounce of strength I needed to set my 23rd world record. I like my ProKinetics and I recommend you try them!

Mike Bridges
Multiple World Champion Weightlifter
Peoria, IL

Mike is a World IPF Champion, IPF World Record Holder, 2008 Masters World Champion with 4 Gold Medals, and 2007 World Bench Press Gold Medalist. He has broken over 100 combined Nationals and World Records in his storied career. Within the circuits of power lifting, Mike is known as “The Legend”. Mike entered his first power lifting competition in 1976 and broke a world record in his very first competition. Since then, Mike has competed in multiple weight classes and won every competition he has entered. This year, at 52, Mike just won 4 gold medals in the Pan American Games. Mike broke his prior world record by 87 lb. squatting 804 lb. (365.5 kg).

John Cullen
I suffered for a long time with back and neck problems. The woman I use for massage and trigger point therapy noticed my big toes were a little short and was affecting the way I walked. After she convinced me to purchase my first pair, I noticed a difference right away. I felt my body adjusting itself between my office visits. I was eager to purchase an additional pair so that I wasn't changing them from shoe to shoe. I recommended them to my sister. I was having a hard time keeping my pelvis stable but with your product the adjustments are lasting.

John Cullen from New York

Colleen O'Mara

To Whom it may concern: I would first like to thank the doctors and engineers for saving my sanity with the invention of the Posture Control Inserts. I would have sent my response to this letter sooner but within two weeks of receiving your letter, the Fibromyalgia Magazine called for a testimonial story. I realize now, these are two unrelated situations and would be more than happy to share with you my experience, which in many ways has saved my life.

Since I was 16, I have been plagued with foot pain and shoulder/neck pain. My chiropractor started me in orthotics stating I had falling arches. Within a couple months of my starting my orthotics, my pain decreased but not completely. This began my lifelong journey anti-inflammatory medications and clumsiness.

My mother had her first foot surgery when I was 18. She had a total toe replacement, a tendon pulls to bring her toe towards the rest of her foot, and then was plagued with staph infections and complications with her knees and hips due to the surgery. I continued wearing my orthotics best I could, style was everything when you are starting college.

By the time I was twenty, I was now having popping hips, foot pain, middle back pain, chronic neck pain. My mom was up to 8 surgeries on her right foot and completely unable to work at 50. I was growing depressed with what I was seeing, feeling, and then confirmed when I fractured my big toe and took my x-rays to my mom's foot doctor, my big toes were separating from the rest of my foot. No one had answers.

At 26 years of age, I began my quest for answers. 3 physical therapists, a Doctor of Physical Therapy, 2 chiropractors, a well-respected rheumatologist, internal medicine specialists, psychiatric doctors who believed this was a mental dilemma, and two pain clinics referred by two very well-respected hospitals in Chicago. I have been on medications like Enbrel, Cymbalta, Steroids, Celebrex and Mobic couple with Nexium to alternatives such as receiving ultrasound on my foot, sticking Kleenex taped under the toe portion of my full orthotics, Chinese Herbal Medication. I finally landed at the Fibromyalgia Treatment Center of America where I finally I got a medical professional to look at my feet and toes. The first to take extreme notice were the myofascial therapist team. I was seen by their D.O. and my orthotics were replaced with Posture Control Inserts. Not only did I feel immediate changes, but I understood what they were doing which gave me piece of mind.

No medical professional ever had a solution to the pronation of my mother's feet and at 16 years old I already started suffering. 12 years of suffering and at 28 years old I wanted to have solutions, not more questions. Posture Control Inserts were the first solution to my questions. I went from a 3 to a 6 adding some therapy to the mix coupled with yoga balancing therapeutic exercises. My body is better balanced. I have less and less foot pain, less numbness, and less hip popping. I also have a decrease in neck and shoulder pain.

I can't thank you enough for educating others of your product. I would love to be your spokesperson on the PCI products. You can use any of the pictures posted of me on www.sirensinger.com or even reference it for a fun spin on my testimonial. I think people will be very surprised at how typical of a person I am and the sadness I went through on my journey just to find some simple solutions.

Thank you SO much!
Colleen O'Mara

Karen Saldana

I am a forty-year-old female. I have been a physically active as long as I can remember. I run 10-17 miles four times a week, walk 6-8 miles, love to hike. Over the years my arches fell, my back began hurting.

I was fitted for orthotics, which cost me over 500 (2x). I had to change my shoes so I could fit the orthotics. I continued on hoping this would solve my pain, unfortunately the pain continued and became far worse.

One day I was basically unable to barely walk. I made an appointment with Carl Jelstrup, and he discovered my orthotics were throwing me off. Carl recommended "Posture Control Insoles".

At first, I questioned the insoles being so thin but since they are so affordable and not thick, I decided to give them a try.

Well, it's been 2 years and I have been "pain" free; I am able to run, walk long miles without any pain or discomfort, I am able to slip my insoles into a dress shoe without any major adjustments. Posture Control Insoles give me peace of mind and a pain free body!!

Thanks so much!
Gratefully Karen Saldana

Pat Williams

Hi, thanks for your letter and the enclosed check. Yes, I have actually purchased 3 pair of PCI - size 6.0 mm. I wear them as is in my work Tennies, in my "better" tennis shoes, and also have a pair which I have cut down to fit smaller flat shoes. If I had another pair, I would adjust them to fit my heels.

My original reason for the purchase was that I was developing a hammer toe. After wearing the PCI for several months straight, I've noticed that this is not a concern anymore. Also, when I don't wear them for a day or two now, I notice my feet are very tired and uncomfortable feeling.

So --- I am a believer.

Thanks for your innovative creation. Keep up the good work.

Pat Williams

Sandra Shaw

For years I had real problems with my feet and back hurting. I would get sores and corns that hurt so bad I hated to put my shoes on. No matter what type of shoes I bought—nothing worked.

I had to wear medicated pads between my toes. One day as I limped into my doctor's office, he asked me why I was limping, so he looked at my feet and told me about the posture control insoles. He fitted my shoes with the insoles, and I was immediately walking better.

The pain is no longer, and the sores and the corns have gone. I wear them in all my shoes now and don’t know how I got along without them. I love my posture control insoles and have recommended them to my family and friends. I recommend them to all.

Thank you, Sandra Shaw

Dorothy Duncan

Dear Melady,

I am happy to tell you how much I am enjoying my PCIs. I am wearing 9mm PCIs.
In July of 2004 I went to see my doctor with severe back pain and spasms. I also have a bunion at the side of my right large toe.

He recommended that I see a Hanna Somatics Practitioner. I took his advice. She examined my posture and my walking and saw that I was turning my right foot to the side to compensate for the bunion which affected my posture. She gave me a set of exercises and recommended that I use Posture Control Insoles.

I started wearing the PCIs and the exercises the next day and in two days there was no more pain. Initially I wore the least amount of correction. I had no trouble adjusting to them; in fact, it felt good right from the start. After a month I moved to the next level and a month later to the next.

Now I am wearing 9mm. My foot has very naturally straightened forward, and I walk very comfortably now. The PCIs are so flexible I hardly know they are in my shoe. I am very thankful that this product is available. And that my doctor knew about it.

Dorothy Duncan


Walking without pain now

I have been wearing these insoles for several years. They have been a lifesaver. I first found out about them when I was researching Morton's toe, which I had been told by a podiatrist that I had. At that point, all that was recommended was to wear flat shoes (no high heel) and use arch supports. The amount of money I spent on different arch supports was painful.

When I found the mortonsfoot.com website, I was almost ecstatic but also wary. However, I tried them, even though they're expensive, and it was incredible. I now walk without pain in my feet. I have this style in all my shoes in which they fit, and also have the thinner option (not yet available on amazon) for my dressier shoes.

Morton's toe primary symptom seems to be a second toe longer than the big toe. If this is the case for you, I strongly recommend going to their website and learning about their products. Even if you don't have Morton's toe, they might be helpful; about that I don't know anything.

Ann P.

These Orthotics Are Life Changing

I developed a corn and was searching for causes. I found another website that described Morton's Toe and all of the implications of that variant of foot shape. Every one of the symptoms described me to a tee.

After reading the other website I literally searched Morton's Toe, found your website. The main difference between your website and the others is you have created actual products rather than home made products. The other sites describe a way to reduce pain under $3. Well, I actually tried it for 3 days (I cut an old orthotic and taped it to a new orthotic). It changed my posture and foot placement drastically. I decided to order your regular thickness orthotic in 6mm from Amazon. I loved it so much I ordered 3 ultra-thin orthotics in 6mm yesterday.

I just wish I saw the coupon first. I have removed the arch support. My posture is improved. My IT band has improved. My corn resolved within a week to 10 days. That was the most amazing part. With your orthotic the pain between my toes was relieved in my shoes immediately.

No more pressure. Now it's healed. I was also having Right PT Tendon pain. Resolved. I am switching from foot levelers to your orthotic. I don't want to be barefoot in my house anymore. I bought new shoes for the house and a dedicated insert from you.

Thank you thank you thank you. I'm 43. Female. Hospital worker (anesthesia). I am actually looking forward to building up to running again. Also, I loved your quick test for determining the degree of correction. It was like a light bulb popped on when I saw my knees way over my big toe.

Now when I squat my alignment is correct. I can actually feel my quads working in a different way which has to be why my IT band has calmed down.

Addendum: The company is so awesome they honored their coupon after I placed my ultra-thin orthotic on their website!

The Divine Ms. K

Amazing benefit in just 3 days

I have always had problems with supination (walking on the outside of my feet) and all the problems resulting from it. I recently broke my ankle which required surgery and 6 weeks non-weight bearing.

During that time the muscle atrophy in my leg made my supination even worse. I am struggling through PT trying to strengthen those muscles but have been discouraged by my continuing pain. After doing some research I decided that I might benefit from orthotics, and these might be the ones to try.

I have been wearing them for 3 days and the change just far is amazing. I can feel how I walk better; my ankle is far less painful and the swelling less of an issue. These will be a real benefit to my recovery and long after.